It may be something that you take daily, maybe even something that you’ve taken daily for years (and years and years) but that doesn’t mean we always remember that pesky pill 21 times in a row. Whatever — we’re busy, y’all. We have alarms for our alarms and wearables that remind us to set them and it’s still easier blogged about than done. An old favorite app got upgraded this week to make it *that* much simpler to check off your list. Check it out + a few other apps that your phone/life is basically begging for.


1. Glow: One of the leading apps for tracking your reproductive health (we’re talking period, fertility, heck, this DL has helped thousands of couples conceive) announced a huge upgrade this week. Glow partnered with Walgreens to make refilling your birth control prescription as easy as archiving emails you’re never going to read anyway.

Understanding your time of the month better than you might, Glow will ping you with an uber helpful, mildly unnerving “your next period is expected to start in X days, want to conveniently refill your birth control prescription at the nearest Walgreens or Duane Reade?” Um, yes, yes I would.

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2. Hopper: You might still be a wee bit afraid to fly after whatever holiday travel headaches you endured, but snap the eff out of it because Hopper is here to get you on the cheapest flight possible. No, really, they have very legit data to back up that promise to predict future prices and advise you whether to book your dream vacay now or wait for a better price. According to Hopper, their Price Prediction will get you a cheaper (or at least the same price) flight in 95% of cases. If that’s true, why *not* use ’em? Set the app to monitor prices for you around the clock and poke you when prices drop or are about to rise in real-time.

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3. Wickr: Don whatever outfit you wear when you pretend to be a top secret spy (you know which one I’m talking about) and download this app that protects your phone from, you know, THE INTERNET. This one’s for the folks out there who want to keep a low, Ron Swanson-like profile while surfing the web or messaging friends. Wickr promises not to share your contacts, dig deep into your personal info or track where you’re eating brunch. You can set your own expiration dates on messages and add filters to your photos so no one sees your selfies beyond the provided cat masks but you.

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4. QualityTime: Joining the ranks of apps that want to help you go on a “digital diet,” this DL for Android users is going to give you TMI about how much time you spend on your phone. Which is a good thing. Especially if you’re looking at Snapchat 33 times a day. Sheesh. Get up-to-date reports on how much time you spend on your phone and favorite apps. Set your own time restrictions to help you learn portion control and even connect the app to the IoT around you to flash your smart lights when you’ve opened up Instagram for the 49th time.

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5. Upclose: Forget YouTube, Hangouts and those eight-second Snaps — this app wants to help you go live at any moment at the press of a button. If the community around this new livestreaming app continues to grow, Upclose could majorly redefine (don’t worry, we won’t type the word that rhymes with schmisrupt, but that too) what it means to “broadcast the news” in ways we’ve seen Twitter and Vine accomplish in the last year.

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