If you gild it, it will be stylish. It’s a rule as simple as that. You just have to watch that you don’t go totally overboard and turn into Veruca Salt, demanding golden eggs everywhere you go.

For our latest gilded crush, we’re giving a shoutout to Vitamini Handmade for this Chic Gold Leaf Clutch. We love the texture that comes with anything gold leaf — there’s an antique but timeless quality to it, instantly elevating anything you add it to. See how this clutch was made right here.

The project featured in this article was created by Vitamini Handmade. This is part of a series on Brit + Co. called Shoutouts, where we curate some of our favorite DIY projects from around the web.

What gilded projects have you made lately? Share them with us by leaving a link in the comments below, and we just might give you a shoutout!