What if we were to tell you that you could eat good, healthy meals for $4? Not $4 per meal, but $4 per day! We know, it was hard for us to believe, too. But set aside your doubt, because food studies scholar Leanne Brown wrote a cookbook to teach us a thing or two about eating on a budget. The book is appropriately titled Good and Cheap, and it’s absolutely free. FREE.

We understand if you need to take a minute to process this great news. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Okay, are you ready to talk cheap eats? Brown, the author of this free cookbook started the project after finding out that more than 46 million Americans rely on food stamp programs. With this information in mind, she created a set of recipes to make eating on a budget not only a money-saving option, but a healthy one, too. Before graduating from NYU’s food studies program she made the book as her masters project.

You might think that eating on $4 a day would mean stocking up on Top Ramen and PB+J, but think again. In Good and Cheap, you can find recipes like banana pancakes (above), chana masala (below) and spinach and chickpea toast (further below). The book also provides tips for shopping smart, like “think weekly,” “start building a pantry” and “don’t buy drinks.”

Can this get any better? Yes it can. Brown wants to not only bring the free cookbook to the screens of people on the world wide web, but into the hands of the families and nonprofits who really need it and who might not have a computer. That’s why she started a Kickstarter campaign, raising funds to print this beautiful book. It’s a buy one/give one type of deal. So if you can afford to buy one for yourself, do it, and she’ll send one to someone who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. She’s already raised enough to print 23,000 copies, and there’s still time (like, 24 hours) if you want to supporting the printing of more copies.

You can download the free book here and donate to the Kickstarter here. The campaign ends Sunday, July 13 at 9 pm. EST. Get on it!

Do you have any tips for eating great on a budget? Fill us in down below!

(h/t SCPR)