You may have dismissed the idea of the turducken or the 26-Ingredient alphabet sandwich as a tad too unconventional. However, the food mashups we’re covering today involve an instant upgrade to a simple food: ramen. Sure, you can pop open a pack and experience a meal in minutes, but why settle for a salty soup when that pack-o-noodles might be the key to the next haute hybrid food? Even if you’ve never tasted a mashup more unusual than the PB + banana sandwich, these 10 outside-of-the-packet ramen recipes may just be the answer to all your food fantasies.

1. Ramen Waffle Sandwich: Who says ramen and waffles don’t mix? This savory snack is soft inside, crunchy on the outside. Add bacon and eggs for a match made in heaven. (via Chow)

2. Ramen Grilled Cheese with Bacon: Eh, who needs bread? Get inspired to try the noodle bun and give your grilled cheese a total transformation. Sounds weird, but it just might be delicious. (via She Knows)

3. Ramen Pizza: Because… why eat ramen out of a bowl when you can have it on your pizza? Two much-loved comfort foods collide to create one epic nosh. (via Buzzfeed)

4. Rameperd’s Pie: Feeling adventurous? Modernize your shepherd’s pie and swap the tater topping for ramen. (via Serious Eats)

5. Ramacos: We’ve talked spaghetti tacos before, but ramen tacos? This food mashup even has its own name: ramacos. We can’t decide if this is an epic combo or something we’d be totally embarrassed to be caught snacking on. (via Serious Eats)

6. Crunchy Ramen Snack Mix: Change up your Chex Mix with a couple packages of crushed ramen noodles. You’ll actually feel good about eating this thrifty snack: It swaps the high-sodium seasoning packet for some zesty (and much healthier) spices. (via The Candid RD)

7. Homemade Ramen Burger: This is the perfect recipe for that “wow, really!?” reaction. Hamburgers and ramen are two of the most popular foods on the planet, so this mashup only makes sense — even if it is a bit messy to eat! (via Kirbie Cravings)

8. Ramen-Crusted Fried Chicken: It’s unorthodox, yes. But this ramen-crusted chicken actually looks pretty delicious. (via Serious Eats)

9. Ramen Rocky Road: Finally, a ramen-infused dessert! These rocky road bars mix dry noodles with toasted nuts, berries and white chocolate. It might just turn into the next haute hybrid food. (via The Cherished Bite)

10. Ramen Noodle Omelet: These two ingredients are likely already waiting in your kitchen — ramen and eggs. This combo is a great alternative to more glamorous lunch options, or perhaps just a cheap way to beef up your breakfast. When it comes to eggs, it’s always okay to get creative with add-ins. (via Indochine Kitchen)

Do these mashups make your mouth water or what!? Tell us what you think about these ramen remakes below.