You don鈥檛 have to wait until St. Patrick鈥檚 Day to show your love for all things green 鈥 emerald has been hot in the interior world since Pantone declared it the Color of the Year in 2013. And when paired with its brassy BFF, the duo of hues is pretty much unstoppable. Whether you鈥檙e going for a few little colorful printable accents or a bold statement, you can鈥檛 go wrong with taking a few notes from this gold 鈥榥鈥 green home decor inspo. Scroll on for 10 inspiring ways to bring the colors into your own home.

green above fireplace

1. Go for the Gold: This gold-accented fireplace really pops with the geometric green art piece over the mantel. The metallic hues all around the room blend seamlessly to create a serious statement. (via Douglas Mackie)

green palm bookshelves

2. When Nature Calls: Green invokes all things nature, so don鈥檛 forget to incorporate a little plant or animal life in the mix. The palm tree etagere draws in a little more texture to play with the emerald sofa. And don鈥檛 even get us started on the elephant side table. Can you say showstopper? (via Interiors by Studio M)

green sofa with chairs

3. Mix + Match Colors: It鈥檚 totally cool to play with more colors and shapes when it comes to this classic emerald/brass pairing. Introduce a lighter shade of green into the mix to add dimension, and throw in some grays and browns for a little extra balance. Just think of emerald as the ultimate color party hostess. (via Melissa Mercier)

green chairs anthropologie

4. Think Away from Emerald: Emerald isn鈥檛 the only shade of green that plays well with gold 鈥 just about any shade of green can be a metallic match in heaven. Draw in a few more hues with a large plant, and accent away. (via Anthropologie)

green wall bamboo

5. Breathtaking Bamboo: Bamboo-inspired pieces always work well with green 鈥 they just draw everything back to that natural element. Add a little metallic edge to that pairing and you鈥檝e got yourself quite the interior moment. (via Horchow)

green malachite desk

6. Make It Malachite: Green makes quite the statement on its own, but malachite takes it to a whole other level. The rich jewel tone of the desk shines until the brass lamps steal back the spotlight. (via Matters of Style)

green cabinets

7. Keep It in the Kitchen: Green isn鈥檛 just for bathrooms and living spaces 鈥 the right shade of green can also elevate any cooking space. Oh, and just the right amount of sparkle in the sink and on the ceiling wouldn鈥檛 hurt either. (via Black Lacquer Design)

green wall with mirror

8. Nice Accent: A subtle but contrasting pattern can really balance out a strong statement wall. Toss in some texture with plants and a brassy, botanical-inspired mirror, and you鈥檝e nailed the look. (via Desire to Inspire)

cameron kitchen

9. Green With a Glow: We鈥檙e totally down to hang with Cameron Diaz, but we鈥檇 especially like to chill in her kitchen. Take a tip from her, and give the accent color a starring role for some A+ ambiance that won鈥檛 quit. (via Elle Decor)

green bathroom

10. Brighten Up the Bathroom: Add a pop to a bland powder room with a quick cabinetry update. Just pick a swatch, switch out the hardware and voila: You鈥檝e got a whole new look. (via HGTV)

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