Don’t bring just any ordinary appetizer to that upcoming Halloween party. The holidays are the perfect time to get creative with your flavors and presentation, so go ahead and play with your food! Whether you use a cute serving tray or drizzle the sauce in a festive design, a little forethought can go a long way, especially when you give hors d’oeuvres a spooky update for Halloween. Need a little inspiration? Here are eight Halloween appetizers that are sure to delight every ghoul and goblin at the party.


1. Mummy Dogs: Wrap hot dogs in strips of refrigerated crescent roll dough and bake for a tasty twist on your usual pigs in a blanket. Dot on a pair of mustard eyes and dig in. (via Today’s Mama)


2. Black Bean Hummus: Pureed black beans topped with a creamy yogurt spider web is the perfect addition to any Halloween buffet. Keep the flavor tame or add a chipotle pepper for a spicy kick. (via Fat Free Vegan Kitchen)


3. Ghost Pastries: Pre-made puff pastry cups make this cute + spooky treat a cinch to make. Fill each cup with chocolate chips after baking for a sweet surprise. (via Pizzazzerie)


4. Mini Spider Pizzas: Dust off your biscuit cutter, because you’re going to need it for these creepy bite-sized pizzas. Have fun with the toppings with things like mini pepperoni eyes and a green pepper grin. (via Recipe Runner)


5. Frankenguac: This dish proves that it is all about the presentation. A few dollops of sour cream and strategically placed olives turn something ordinary into the best looking plate on the table. (via Dine and Dish)


6. Witch Finger Cookies: Classic shortbread cookies take on a new shape as boney witch fingers complete with almond nails. Attach each one with a dot of chocolate to look like dirt under the nail. Now that’s wicked. (via The Kid’s Fun Review)


7. Mummy Baked Brie: A wheel of brie is covered in strips of pie dough with a fig jam filling inside. Two whole pecan eyes make this an appetizer almost too good-looking to eat. (via Babble)


8. Pretzel Broomsticks: Served alongside your favorite cheese dip or brushed with butter and cinnamon sugar, these broomstick snacks will cast a spell over the whole party. (via The Etsy Blog)

Which spooky Halloween appetizer will you whip up? Do you have one of your own we need to know about? We’d love to hear from you!