With their rich, buttery flavor, pecans bring a lot to the table, and not just around the holidays. Enjoy this collection of 22 sweet, pecan-studded treats that go beyond the standard pie and pralines. Whether you’re looking for a homemade loaf of bread, cheesecake, cookie bars or perhaps even some paleo-friendly sweets, we’ve got it here. What you won’t find is anything on the savory end of the spectrum–we’re saving that for another day.

1. Cinnamon Apple Pecan Pull Apart Bread (Vegan): If you intend to share this tasty creation, we recommend splitting it into three mini loaves, because once you start in on a full-size pull apart bread, it can be really, really hard to restrain yourself from eating more than your fair share. (via Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes)

2. Chocolate Turtle Cookies: These pecan-coated, dark-chocolate cookies, topped with a jewel of caramel, are a total win. (via Pixelated Crumb)

3. Dad’s Cheesecake Bars: With tons of pecans packed into the shortbread crust, these bars are packed with flavor, layer after layer. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

4. The Best Almond Flour Cinnamon Roll Biscuits (Paleo): Brimming with a sticky cinnamon-scented raisin and pecan filling, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these dairy and grain-free buns. (via The Urban Poser)

5. Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream: All of the good stuff about pecan pie, chunks of crust and all, in ice cream form — plus bourbon — who else wants a double scoop? (via Brit + Co)

6. John’s Pecan Lace Cookies: You aren’t limited to just pecans here. Swap in your favorite nut instead if the mood strikes. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Warm Apple Pie Pots: These deconstructed apple pies are an ideal alternative to full-size pies and are especially well suited for holiday parties. (via Roost)

8. Cinnamon Sugar Candied Nuts: Enjoy these nicely spiced nuts by the handful or sprinkle them on salads, sundaes and so much more. (via Averie Cooks)

9. Blueberry and Pecan Bread: Next time you’re looking to shake up your blueberry muffin game, be sure to keep this pecan-studded loaf in mind. (via Bob Vivant)

10. Pretzel Rolo Turtles: It’s dangerous just how quick and easy these three-ingredient, salty-sweet treats are to make. (via The Hungry Housewife)

11. Nouveau-German Chocolate Cake (Gluten-Free): Roasted soy flour works wonders paired with pecans, caramel buttercream and more caramel in this German chocolate cake updated for the 21st century. (via Brave Tart)

12. Upside-Down Orange Caramel Pecan French Toast Bake: All of the flavors of time-consuming sticky buns are packed into this delicious overnight French toast. (via Ambitious Kitchen)

13. Chocolate Chip Turtle Tart: Whether you make this tart totally from scratch or speed things up by using a tube of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, it’s hard to resist. (via The Village Cook)

14. Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies (Vegan): Chockfull of chocolate and nuts, these cookies skew a little toward the cake side of the spectrum. What’s not to love about that? (via Namely Marly)

15. Strawberry Pecan Tart: With only three ingredients in the crust — pecans, honey and butter — you get a ton of nutty flavor in every bite. Feel free to swap out strawberries with whatever fruit is in season. Apples, pears and more will also work beautifully here. (via Passports and Pancakes)

16. Cinnamon Maple Coffee Cake: Packed with cinnamon, maple and pecans, this is one terrific coffee cake for fall. Enjoy slices still warm from the oven with a cup of coffee or tea. (via The Baker and Her Pig)

17. Pecan Pie French Toast: These breakfast sandwiches filled with a sticky, pecan pie-like goodness are just so good, you don’t even need a side of maple syrup to dip them in. (via Always With Butter)

18. Double Chocolate Pecan Brownies: The best of both worlds, these squares are somehow both cakey and fudgy at the same time… in other words, simply irresistible. (via Sabrina Sue)

19. Chunky Monkey Cookies: Date paste takes the place of sugar in these healthy oat, banana, nut and chocolate cookies that taste much richer than they are. (via Veggies Don’t Bite)

20. Praline Pear Bread: A crunchy pecan topping drizzled with buttery caramel sauce draws you in, while the aroma and outstanding flavors keep you coming back slice after slice. (via Urban Bakes)

21. Sweet Potato Cupcakes Cream Cheese Browned Butter Frosting + Candied Pecans: Who needs sprinkles when candied pecans do such a stellar job as a garnish? The crunchy, sweet nuts are a perfect pairing for tender cakes and fluffy brown butter frosting. (via Yammie’s Noshery)

22. Salted Caramel Maple Pecan Pie Bars (Paleo, Vegan): Reach for this recipe in place of your usual pecan pie if you’re looking for a slightly healthier, but no less enticing option. Really, who can say no to salted caramel-covered pecans? (via The Foodie Teen)

What’s your favorite sweet way to enjoy this stellar nut? Let’s talk about holiday and year-round baking faves below!