Whether you’re divvying out cocktails, serving your sweetie breakfast in bed, or just looking for a colorful catchall that will instantly amp up your home decor, serving trays are the way to go. Every savvy hostess and modern homemaker knows that! But if you’re still slingin’ from a thrifted platter that can’t be saved by an easy DIY, then it’s about time for an upgrade. Think… bright, bold and patterned! These 17 print-tastic serving trays are sure to get the party started.

1. Color Palette Lucite Tray ($60): We’ll never turn down painterly inspiration, especially if it comes in the form of this so-chic palette tray. We’re dying to make ombre pastel bunting to match!

2. Cloud Swirl Serving Tray ($40): Revel in the handdrawn charm of these swirling “clouds” as you prep for your next party—we forecast fun times in your future! ;)

3. Plus Print Lucite Tray ($60): We know all too well that the plus sign is much more than a cool graphic. Show the gang that two (or way more) are ALWAYS better than one.

4. Zigger Platter ($18): Whoever thought to color block chevron is a genius. It’s the color jolt our IKEA shelves so desperately need!

5. Sorrento Acrylic Tray ($98): Navy and white should join geometric forces more often — they look stellar in the ‘60-inspired pattern that anchors this acrylic tray.

6. Intaglio III Tray Large ($24): Tribal-inspired prints can look insanely modern when they’re stripped down to a black and white palette. Serve with gold-rimmed rocks glasses at your next swanky soiree.

7. Ziggy Sleigh Tray ($26): Classic herringbone gets a next-level makeover with multicolor swatches on this sleigh-shaped tray. Set it on your lap and start up the most colorful game of solitaire ever played!

8. Cheers! Lucite Tray ($60): Eek! We’re having trouble containing our elation at the sight of this confetti-flecked tray. This is the ultimate way to present a champagne toast.

9. Carnaby Scale Tray ($47): Oh my mod! Yet again, a vintage-y pattern is brought into the 21st century with a lush color palette. How luxe would this tray look on a reclaimed wood credenza?

10. Honeycomb Tray ($68): Honeycombs are the new triangles, so jump on the trend with this kooky wooden tray. Made from Baltic birch, it’s as sturdy as our love for all things geometric.

11. Kat Platter ($10): Extreme close up! You know, we’re actually starting to prefer this shatterproof tray’s ikat pattern at its macro proportion. The tray’s oblong shape makes it perfect for setting silverware on a brunch buffet.

12. Say the Word Wordsearch Dish ($50): So quirky, so cute, so not-technically a tray. But please, we can think of more than a handful of ways to use this small serving vessel — how perfect is it for bite-sized snacks?

13. Spear Tray ($90): Even in their muted tones, this pastel pattern totally wows. A solid oak frame adds ample class to this tray; setting your decanter on top makes it downright dashing.

14. Pixie Sleigh Tray ($27): What can we say, we’re a sucker for anything pixelated. Aww, this would have been the PERFECT serving tray to have for our celebration of the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday!

15. Pantone Coloured Serving Tray ($33): Speaking of obsessions, you know we’re pretty much smitten with anything Pantone, so obviously, we’re drooling over these serving trays. With this trio in tow, you’re on your way to throwing the most colorful party EVER.

16. Oh Joy! Tray ($15): This spotted tray is the perfect spring-to-summer platter. Use it to display your first-of-the-year garden clippings in a beautiful vase, then break it out for outdoor entertaining when the weather is just right.

17. Heather Dutton Triangulum Rectangular Tray ($55): These color block triangles have us seriously swooning over this duo of dapper trays. Set your granola and cuppa on it in the AM — it just might be be the extra pick-me-up your breakfast routine is missing!

Do you use serving trays at your soirees? Do you go the traditional route and use it to pass out cocktails? Or how do you repurpose it? Tell us in the comments below.