Hey, boos! If you鈥檙e itching for Halloween to hurry up and get here, we鈥檝e got just the thing to make the wait a little easier. Take your mind off the stress of finding the perf women鈥檚 costume and zen out with a bowl of pastel peanut butter cups and a handful of these free coloring page printables, inspired by your favorite spooky holiday. With a wide selection of prints catering to the zombie lover, Day of the Dead enthusiast, and more, these 30 coloring pages offer a little something to suit everyone鈥檚 tastes. Scroll on and get your color on!

1. Happy Halloween: You can鈥檛 go wrong with a classic Halloween scene. Black cat? Check. Spooky spider webs? Check. Super cool pumpkins? Yep! (via Easy Peasy and Fun)

2. Witch, Please: These pages are almost too cute to keep to yourself. You could totally print them off on card stock and send them to your ghoulish #squad for some good ol鈥 fashioned snail mail. (via Brit + Co)

3. Day of the Dead: There鈥檚 nothing more fun than coloring in sugar skulls: Just look at all those colors! These pieces are so intricate and detailed, you might want to add them to your Halloween gallery wall when you鈥檙e finished. (via Red Ted Art)

4. Giant Haunted House: This haunted house is anything but abandoned. Gather your friends together and color in the various ghosts, monsters, and other oddities haunting this multi-storied complex. (via Mr. Printables)

5. Edward Scissor Hands: If your orange markers are looking a little dry after coloring in all those pumpkins, maybe it鈥檚 time for a change in shades. Grab those green markers and give Edward鈥檚 hedge a burst of color. (via Best Coloring Pages for Kids)

6. Three Pumpkins: For a pretty print you can display by taping it on the inside of your windows when finished, go with this simple design featuring three pumpkins. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

7. Halloween: Can鈥檛 resist an ooey, gooey Halloween sign? This one鈥檚 the way to go. The color choice is up to you, but a neon slime green would look nice, no? (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

8. Floral聽Pumpkin: If only you were able to copy and paste this gorgeous floral design onto an actual pumpkin鈥 it might not be possible, but our DIY decoupage pumpkin comes pretty close, looks-wise. (via Color Pages for Mom)

9. Halloween聽Collage: Turn this coloring page into a game to see who out of your friends can correctly guess the number of cats and spiders. The winner gets a handful of sweets! (via Color Pages for Mom)

10. Anatomy Skull: There鈥檚 nothing wrong with a skull print being anatomically correct. (via Cool 2 B Kids)

11. Girl Skull: Put a feminine spin on the classic skeletal design with this bow-topped skull featuring florals reminiscent of a sugar skull. Stay true to its Day of the Dead inspiration and go all out with the colors. (via Cool 2 B Kids)

12. Skull & Bones: Who doesn鈥檛 love a little irony? If you do, be sure to add a little color to this assemblage of bones made to look like a skull. (via Color Pages for Mom)

13. Nightmare Before Christmas: You can鈥檛 go wrong with anything Nightmare Before Christmas, which includes this coloring page printable. Get in on the full experience by playing the film as you color in Jack and Sally. (via Cool Mom Picks)

14. Nightmare Hunters: Here鈥檚 a creepy coloring page you probably wouldn鈥檛 want your kids to do (or see). TBH, it鈥檚 *so* detailed it might just distract you from how scary these monsters actually are. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

15. Owl: The intricate patterns in this owl鈥檚 feathers will be a *hoot* to color in. (via Best Adult Coloring Books)

16. Haunted Houses: Haunted houses are no joke. So you already know this print featuring a neighborhood full of 鈥榚m is no laughing matter. (via Dover Publications)

17. Pumpkins & Sunflowers: If you could sum up what fall and Halloween look like, this coloring page would be it. It鈥檚 the perfect mix between a beautiful sunflowers-filled fall and a spooky bones-scattered Halloween. (via Dover Publications)

18. Pumpkins on Pumpkins: Celebrate your love for the Halloween staple with this printable decked out in jack-o鈥-lanterns big and small. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

19. Monsters Pattern: This adorable monsters pattern isn鈥檛 just great for coloring in. Depending on what kind of paper you have, you can even turn it into wrapping paper for your Halloween party favors! (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

20. Starry Witch: Like a Vincent Van Gogh coloring page for amateurs, this starry night printable featuring a witch is *the* Halloween activity for you. If you鈥檙e feeling a little fancy, throw a little paint into the mix. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

21. Zentangle With a Bat: Can you get any more Halloween than a bat, a pumpkin, and the word 鈥淏oo?鈥 (via Coloring pages for Adults)

22. Mandala With Wolf: It鈥檚 safe to say this mandala moon featuring a wolf silhouette is more pretty than spooky, which is exactly why you should turn it into a hanging ornament to decorate your chic Halloween party. Just cut it out into orb-like pieces and string them up. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

23. Witch & Cobwebs: Try your hand at outlining and/or coloring this witch surrounded by cobwebs. It鈥檒l take some time, but you can bet that when you鈥檙e finished, it鈥檒l look ah-mazing! (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

24. Zombie Girl: Who knew the living dead could look this cute? If glam and gore do it for ya, you鈥檒l definitely appreciate coloring in this zombie girl printable. (via Coloring Pages for Adults)

25. Trick or Treat: You鈥檒l want to stock up on candy corn for this one 鈥 there鈥檚 a ton of detail! But all the dessert in the front means you get to break into the fun colored markers and take a break from all that orange. (via Dover Publications)

26. Pretty Witchy: This moon witch might just inspire your Halloween costume this year. (via Molly Harrison Art)

27. Pumpkin Patch: Charlie Brown for sure wouldn鈥檛 venture into this scary pumpkin patch. Fill in those eyes with yellow and white to really make the spooky faces glow. (via Best Coloring Pages for Kids)

28. Happy Halloween: Celebrate your favorite holiday with a sweet 鈥榥鈥 simple coloring page. Pro tip: If you like using markers, print the coloring page onto thicker cardstock paper to prevent bleeding through. (via Dawn Nicole Designs / The Pinning Mama)

29. Hocus Pocus: If you think Hocus Pocus was the best witch movie of all time, say so by coloring in this print inspired by the film. The next step of repping your love for the childhood classic is by actually turning into the Sanderson sisters this Halloween. (via Dawn Nicole Designs / Eighteen 25)

30. Fall Leaves: If zombies and witches aren鈥檛 really your thing, how about a good ol鈥 leaf pile? Bust out those classic fall shades like orange and red, or go a little preppy with hot pink acorns and dark blue leaves. (via Alisa Burke)

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(Additional reporting by Kate Thorn)