We know Halloween isn’t exactly around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a leg up on the office party competition with a next-level, budget-friendly Mad Hatter costume. We’re here to help you hack your way to greatness with a simple DIY Halloween costume that can come straight from your closet. Maybe you’ve scoured for the perfect Halloween couples costume and then decided to go solo? Or perhaps you are just waiting to scramble together a last minute Halloween costume? Either way, if after all of that you’re still at a loss for a costume, don’t wig out — er, actually, that’s exactly what we want you to do! Because a basic Halloween wig is all it takes to build out an Insta-worthy costume on the fly.

Once you have the rainbow-colored hairpiece in your hold (chances are, you own one from Halloweens past, but even if not, you can grab the real deal from any costume shop for as cheap as $10), it’s all about pairing it with easy-to-find pieces that will round out your look. Without further delay, we bring you the Halloween Mad Hatter Costume Hack.



Mad Hatter: We’re going with the Johnny Depp version, obviously!

What You Need:

– top hat with ribbon added

– jacket

– cream colored blouse

– spools of thread

– scarves

– gloves

– pants

As you can see, I purposely left out super descriptive details from each garment. The thing is, as long as you get the color scheme down and the general silhouette, this costume is so easy to replicate. Every clothing item is from my closet. I made the thread holster by stringing thread spools onto yarn and draping it over my shoulder. The makeup is an understated version inspired from the original, but really easy to recreate. And yes, those are fake eyelashes as eyebrows!

Easy enough, right?

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