As you bring your cold weather clothes back into rotation, that “closet overflowing/overwhelming feeling” is happening, isn’t it? No need to buckle under the pressure or throw everything out in order to make room; all you need are some brilliant hacks in your arsenal to get your closet in shape in a snap. Here are some of our favorite organizational hacks using what you already have in your closet — hangers! — to maximize your closet space and help you get out the door quicker in the AM.

1. Hang Those Boots: We all love our boots this time of year, but let’s be honest, they are a nightmare to store. To get those boots to hang, all you need is a couple (or a ton, depending on your collection) of pant clamps to make room for all your booties in the closet below them. (via Simplify Organize)

2. Give Your Garment Bags Spoiler Alerts: Your black tie dress and interview-ready blazer look fab, but they are a pain to store. Make the task easier by taking a picture of each before slipping them into a garment bag to give you a heads up on what’s inside. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Hang Those Scarves: Storing scarves — what a headache! We’re always debating between whether to fold ‘em or hang ‘em. This binder ring and hanger combination has made our choice a no-brainer. (via ILU Express)

4. Hang Those Shades: Make your sunglasses a bright spot in your closet. All you need for this hack is a hanger (though we appreciate the pretty, vintage vibe of this one), then slip those specs right on the crossbar and you’re good to go. (via SF Girl By Bay)

5. Plan Ahead: Our week is always busy, so naturally it becomes challenging to pick a cute outfit in a rush on a daily basis. Get out the door every morning as quickly as possible by prepping at the beginning of the week with printable weekday dividers like these. (via Make Life Lovely)

6. Hang Those Bras: Your bras need love too. Show them some by easily installing a bra hanger display using hangers and screw hooks. (via Artsy Architette)

7. Hang Your Accessories: The closet door is the face of the closet. Use it for extra storage and glam it up with your jewels. This hack is so simple, all you need is a hanger and eye hooks. (via I Spy DIY)

8. Keep Your Pants Creaseless: No more pant creases means no more ironing (yeah, right). However, you will definitely cut down on quality time with the ironing board with this simple hanger hack that involves insulation tubing (or foam) and a pair of scissors. So. Simple. (via Sew Many Ways)

9. Hang Those Tank Tops: Create a lot more space by attaching shower curtain hooks to the rod or a hanger and hanging tanks and other slinky articles of clothing from them. All those extra empty hangers can be used for more clothes, natch. (via Living Savvy)

10. Hang Those Hangers: A closet without double hang space isn’t really a closet, now is it? Create extra room where there was none by adding an S-hook or a super simple bottletop tab to a hanger. Genius. (via The Chic Home)

Which hack are you going to recreate right this moment? Let us know in the comments below.