It’s a sad day when we have to put away the shorts and maxi dresses and pull out sweaters and jackets, but switching your summer wardrobe out for your fall one is the perfect opportunity to give your closet a little makeover. When you start each morning by opening your closet and see the picture perfect image of organization, you know you’re going to have a good day. Not only does it look good, but it makes getting ready so, so much easier. We talked to THE queen of organization, Jill Pollack, who runs a whole business helping women get organized and has appeared on such shows as The Gayle King Show, Dr. Oz, and Anderson Cooper. Here’s what she told us.

Keep your staples front and center

“People always ask me, ‘what’s your system?’ But it’s different for everyone,” Pollack says. “Do you think a skirt is casual? Do you wear more color or neutrals? For many people, their work and going out attire overlap.” Pollack recommends that instead of sectioning your closet into work clothes, going-out clothes and the like, think in simple terms and keep your staple items in front so they are easy to find. “Black tie clothes are for a rare occasion, so stick them in the back of your closet or a whole other closet all together.” (image via Celebrations)

Don’t be overly sentimental

You must learn to let go of those items you are never going to wear, like the jeans you keep thinking you’ll fit into someday or the sweater that you wouldn’t be caught dead in but reminds you of freshman year of college. “If you haven’t worn it in over a year and your weight and lifestyle have stayed pretty much the same, pass on it,” Pollack says. Other items Pollack says you need to chuck — anything irrevocably stained, not worth repairing, clothes you’ve tried on at least three times this year and rejected and items that make you feel unattractive. (image via Millennial Magazine)

How to store out of season items

Pollack says the best way to keep your clothes in good shape when you are going to go months without wearing them is by first making sure they are clean, neatly folding them and sticking them in a cedar chest. (image via The Ordinary Made Extraordinary)

What to do with your shoes

Unless you have a shoe organization system set in place, your shoes are going to end up in a big heap on your closet floor. “If you have room for shelves, I like putting shoes there, at eye level,” Pollack says. “If you have a lot of closet floor space, I like double and triple shoe racks. But a hanging shoe rack works too.” (image via Stylizimo)

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