Cleaning the house is the least magical chore on our to-do list really. (What we wouldn’t give for a snap-and-it’s-done home hack like Samantha used on Bewitched!) But Salem, MA store HausWitch is aiming to change all that with cleaning solutions that promise to make your space (and your spirit) shine. Each LightHaus product is a mindful combination of grounding, clearing, or calming ingredients, along with good old-fashioned organic (and vegan!) cleaning power.

“I really like finding ways to help people bring magic and intention into their everyday lives,” Erica Feldmann, co-founder of LightHaus and owner of HausWitch, tells us. “Right after I developed our line of HausWitch Spell Kits, I thought it would be fun to create a line of magical cleaning products that harnessed the vibrational energies we work with as witches. Everyone uses cleaning products, so it was a way of reaching a wider audience than with something like the spell kits.”

Feldmann found the perfect partner for the project in Jessica LaVoie. “I began researching and creating my own non-toxic cleaners in 2013 as an environmental geology student at Salem State University and a pregnant woman wanting to end my relationship with unnecessary pollutants,” says co-founder LaVoie. “Two years later, inspired by the energies I was working with as a holistic healer, the idea came to me of developing a line of natural home cleaners that would bring magic and intention into the home and to everyday life. In our true Gemini forms, Erica had been given the same idea and brought all the support around turning it into actual products.”

Every aspect of the products was decided in an intentional way. “We incorporated the vibrational essences of plants and crystals in our recipes to bring about a certain energy and included ‘magic words’ on the bottle to help connect with it intentionally. We love the idea of cleaning as moving meditation that can shift energy or even your perception of how powerful you are within your life,” LaVoie says. Ant the ingredients are as hard-working as they are intentionally chosen. “To physically clean, we use naturally derived ingredients safe to return to the Earth. We use timeless, powerful ingredients like therapeutic grade essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, and vodka — and our surfactants are made from the fatty acids of coconuts,” she says.

“Household cleaners are a major contributor of air and water pollution,” LaVoie tells us. “Our products are important to me because they work, smell, and feel incredible without any harmful chemicals.”

For both Feldmann and LaVoie, there was something powerful about the idea of reconnecting with a routine practice on a deeper basis. “We help you set an intention while you clean, so that you can really bring a new level of consciousness and presence to something as mundane as cleaning. We want our customers to feel like they are not just cleaning but casting a spell while they do it,” Feldmann explains. “I feel like we’re taking cleaning back!” says LaVoie. “Growing up, for me and I think many, cleaning was consistently leveraged as punishment. With LightHaus products it feels fun, and even powerful!”

Looking to incorporate some cleansing magic into your own space? Feldmann suggests starting with an all-purpose product to dip your toes in the experience. “My favorite is Abracadabra, which is our all-purpose cleaner that’s meant to help you connect to your highest and best energy. It also smells completely incredible, not like any other product I’ve ever used for cleaning, so it’s a good representation of how different and special LightHaus products are,” she says. LaVoie prefers Sacred Ground: “As a Gemini, the vibration of black tourmaline and woodsy scent is like medicine to me and I love the idea of starting from the ground up.”

“I love using the products personally and I love the response we get from our customers about how good their homes feel after they’ve used them,” Feldmann says. “It’s not just about cleaning the physical surfaces of your home, it’s about focusing on improving the energy in the home as well.” And who couldn’t use a little encouragement to keep up with the cleaning? We think these products would make our weekly to-dos a little more tempting.

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(Images via Emily Goldhammer for HausWitch)

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