Thanks to the growing number of mental health-oriented apps available to us anywhere, anytime right from the devices in our hands, a brand new world of mindfulness has opened to each and every one of us. Millennials, in particular, are becoming increasingly devoted to these spiritual, centering practices, and meditation 鈥 which was once an unfamiliar, almost bizarre concept to many 鈥 is now familiar and widely understood. Launched in 2010, Headspace was the app that first put the practice on everyone鈥檚 radar, and it now boasts 15 million downloads worldwide. But the company鈥檚 work to educate the public about meditation isn鈥檛 finished, and they recently launched an update intended to allow users to more easily make time for mindfulness in their busy lives.

meditation in bedroom

Headspace鈥檚 latest iteration went live on June 15. As with the original app, the update is rooted in Andy Puddicombe鈥檚 years in a Tibetan monastery, but users will find that it is more flexible and easier to personalize. If you鈥檝e been interested in trying out meditation for a while, but have wondered if you can make time for it, this may be your opportunity to get mindful, baby!

In the new version, users can switch easily between different meditation packs (foundations, health, happiness, etc.), so they won鈥檛 need to stick to one area of focus continuously to maintain their run streak. Headspace devotees can also now customize the duration of meditation sessions, whether their schedule allows for a full 20-minute zen sesh or a simple 10-minute mental boost. Our favorite feature? Uber brief, totally manageable sessions that you can literally work into your life during commercial breaks or while your popcorn is in the microwave (seriously 鈥 that quick!). Imagine getting your meditation on for just one to three minutes at a time. Suddenly, it sounds a lot easier to prioritize slow breaths and me time, no?

The updated Headspace also includes more interactive animations, and who doesn鈥檛 love a little extra color and whimsy? We鈥檙e not quite sure what the mental benefits of those animations are, but we sure do like 鈥檈m.

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