Free ice cream! Are there any sweeter words to hear? We think not. That’s why we’re practically giddy over the fact that it’s Ben & Jerry’s annual free ice cream day. And this isn’t any regular ol’ offering. Ben & Jerry’s is giving dessert-loving people as much free ice cream as they want, but you have to get it RIGHT NOW!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream _ Free

First held back in 1979, one year after co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield launched their now super successful Vermont-based company, Free Ice Cream Day offers as much ice cream as you’re willing to wait around for. As their website says, “Why wait for next year’s Free Cone Day? Just get back in line for another free cone. Over and over again. We’re not counting. Really, go for it.”

So, how do you get in on the tasty event? It’s simple: Just head to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s store. “No guest list, no invite, no RSVP, just show up. We welcome everyone,” the brand assures us. “Even your weird uncle.” That’s nice. We may end up leaving our, er, weird uncle at home, but we’ll definitely be picking up a free scoop or two for ourselves.

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(h/t Time; photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)