If you love your Disney vacations or have never been and want to experience the fairy-tale-like magic for yourself — including their soon-to-be-gone fireworks show and their dreamy Cinderella castle wedding ceremonies — then you’ll definitely want the deets on how you can save some serious money while enjoying every Disney detail. If you were as wooed as we were by Disneyland Shanghai or like the sound of Disneyland Paris, then you’ll be happy to find out that flying further afield can save you up to HALF the price of your fave holiday.

Disney World

The fine, financially-minded folks over at Market Watch have crunched the numbers for us and come up with some pretty awesome savings tips. While taking a peek at admission costs alone (for the average fam of four), the US’s Walt Disney World comes in at $382, while Disneyland comes in slightly cheaper at $374.

Disney admission costs

But when we head overseas, the cost takes a deep dive. Hong Kong Disneyland charges over a hundred dollars less at $260, and Disneyland Tokyo is a bit cheaper at $245. Disneyland Shanghai lowers the cost yet again by charging only $198 for a family of four who are ready to have some time-of-their-lives fun.

BUT WAIT! There is in fact one more Disneyland that is even cheaper. Disneyland Paris. Yes, the dream vacation locale for so many of us, the city of lights, actually charges the least amount to get into their Disney wonderland at only $153 per family of four. That’s LESS THAN HALF the price of heading to Disneyland in the US. Holy jeepers, Mickey!


Granted, you will still need to factor in travel costs, but considering you’re saving 50% by indulging in a Disney AND a Parisian vacation, it seems totally worth it.

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(h/t Market Watch, photos via Disney)