When it comes to your wedding day, at heart, every girl just wants to feel like a princess — and now, Disney is making all your wishes come true with the announcement that in addition to living at the beloved theme park, you can now wed in front of Cinderella’s castle. This is the final missing piece of our Cinderella-inspired weddings puzzle, and we are fangirling so hard that we can hardly breathe.

disney wedding 1

Aptly dubbed “Disney’s Fairytales Weddings,” this particular ceremony will cost you (to the tune of a cool $75,000 — gulp!), but can you really put a price on the chance to live out a real life fairytale? Okayyyy, maybe so, but the package does include some pretty sweet perks: Like the fact that VIP transportation is all-inclusive, for instance.

“Cinderella’s carriage pulls up and the bride can get right out,” Disney World’s marketing director Korri McFann told USA Today. Should you be of the groom variety, a vintage jitney will be your chauffeur, instead, with trusty royal coachmen at your side. Trumpeteers will announce your arrival with a chorus of horns, and 100 of your closest friends and family will stand to greet you as you exit the carriage in all your Disney-inspired dress glory.

disney wedding 2

The downside? Cost aside, package ceremonies are currently only available at 9:30 am, when the park is open to the public, but if you’re open to the idea of the public being semi privy to your nuptials, this truly is the ultimate in Disney weddings.

disney wedding 3

Better book those dates now — we have a feeling this is going to take off, and soon!

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(h/t E! and USA Today, photos via Disney Fairytales Weddings + Honeymoons and Junko Kimora/Getty)