Our morning doesn’t really start until we’ve had our coffee. We’re constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest new ways to make and drink a cup of joe, from the disposable French press to a text-enabled espresso machine. Apparently caffeine cravings fuel creativity, because we’ve come across so many cool coffee gadgets lately that we had to round them up. Here are 20 innovations in the world of java that have got us thinking it’s probably just about coffee time here at Brit HQ.

1. Touch Sensor Mug with Temperature Display ($32): Pick up your coffee and let it tell you if it’s cool enough to drink! This mug will sense your touch and display the temperature as well as a colored light — blue for cool, orange for warm, and red for hot.

2. Joulies Thermal Dispenser ($80 for set of 5): On a similar note, these little gadgets are designed to help you maintain your beverage’s perfect temperature for longer. They absorb the heat when you first put them in, cooling off your coffee so you don’t burn your tongue. Then, as your coffee starts to get too cool, the stored heat is released so it remains warm until the last drop.

3. PEBO ($87): Get a perfect vacuum brewed cup of coffee in 5-11 minutes with this unique coffee maker from Bodum. The vacuum brewing process prevents any of the flavor of the coffee bean from escaping so you’ll end up with a great, full-bodied cup of joe.

4. Drop Rest Mug (concept): Why has no one created this yet? A simple design tweak (a ridge at the bottom of the mug) totally prevents those coffee rings and protects your stuff!

5. Handpresso ($199): The ultimate gadget for the caffeine-craving commuter, this espresso machine fits in your cup holder and gets its charge from your car’s cigarette lighter. We don’t recommend using this while you’re driving but it’s cool nonetheless.

6. Minibru ($20): Part French press, part mug, this gadget allows you to make delicious coffee for one, without the hassle of having to clean lots of unnecessary dishes.

7. Iced Coffee French Press ($40): Why should hot coffee get all the French press love? This press lets you easily make freshly brewed iced coffee. Did we mention it comes in orange and green as well as black? Awesome.

8. Espro Press ($80): Get the smoothest java ever with this double-filtered press. None of the grit, all of the deliciousness.

9. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker ($26):Brew a mean cup of coffee or a double shot of espresso in this inexpensive, space-saving coffee maker.

10. Fingerprint ID Espresso Machine ($3,199):This crazy coffee maker saves your preferences by fingerprint, so you can get a personalized cup of coffee every time. Maybe if you were super, super picky? Still crazy.

11. Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker ($130): Just because you’re exploring the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to forgo your caffeine fix or choke down a cup of instant coffee.Coleman’s got you covered with this coffeemaker fueled by a 16.4 oz propane cylinder.

12. Mini Portable Espresso Maker ($25):Anywhere you can find a stove, you can get yourself a shot of espresso with this lightweight device.

13. MyPressi Twist ($169): Even more portable espresso awesomeness! This gadget is powered by gas cartridges so you can literally use it anywhere. It can use either pods or ground coffee to deliver a deliciously portable shot of espresso.

14. Douwe Egberts Vending Machine (not for sale): This machine, in the O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, dispenses a free cup of coffee to anyone who yawns. How thoughtful!

15. Smart Lid ($63 for 1000):These to-go coffee lids change color with temperature. Imagine a future where you don’t burn your tongue on that first sip of Starbucks! With these, that future could be now. They’re currently only available in bulk, so we’re hoping our favorite cafes start adopting these genius lids soon.

16. Kapu Scoop and Bag Closer ($26): No more digging around the bottom of your coffee beans for the scoop! This keeps your coffee fresh and your scoop at hand by combining them into one simple product.

17. Airspresso ($190):Use a bike pump to brew your espresso! We’re certainly intrigued by the innovative brewing technique and we love that you could use this anywhere.

18. One Puck ($115): Once you’ve got your cup of coffee all brewed up and yummy, don’t let that heat energy go to waste! This gadget uses a heat disparity to charge your phone, so whether you went the hot or iced coffee route, you can be certain to have enough power to Instagram your latte :)

19. Coffee Vault ($20):Keep your coffee fresh until you’re ready for it with this air-tight storage container that vents away CO2 so that your beans or grounds are just as fresh as the day you bought them.


20. DIY USB Latte Foamer (materials for $4): We couldn’t resist including a DIY! This is perfect for the latte-obsessed office worker — foam your drink right from your desk!

Bonus:Grumpy Cat Coffee ($30 for 12):Apparently even Grumpy Cat is getting into the coffee market. These “Grumppuccinos” are equal parts adorable and ridiculous and we have to admit we kinda want to try one. Too weird?

How do you get your caffeine fix? Is there a brewing method or java-related gadget we’re totally missing out on? Talk to us in the comments below.