Maybe it’s because it’s the Year of the Monkey. Or maybe it’s because our Instagram feed is still full of dreary winter weather. Either way, H&M’s new Spring 2016 collection is totally urban jungle-inspired and exactly what you need to ditch the winter mood. Channeling the vibrant colors and materials of nature, the collection’s shower curtains, bedding, kitchen towels, cushions, candles and more are sure to liven up any space. Scroll down to see our 12 favorite pieces from the collection to refresh your home decor for spring.


1. Patterned Tray ($18): Could toucans be the next flamingo? It’s beginning to look like this blue-beaked bird could totally win our hearts, especially with that bold black and white profile. On a tray, on a mug, on a plate — this guy is everywhere, and we’re not mad about it.


2. Small Copper Candlestick ($10): It’s no surprise to us that copper is sticking around for springtime decor. These elegant and modern candlesticks would look right at home at a romantic dinner for two or just chilling on your coffee table on a weekday.


3. Patterned Cushion Cover ($13): This pillow cover practically screams warm weather and tropical feels. Forget florals — we’re all about these bold leaf prints this spring.


4. Printed Toiletry Bag ($10): While succulents will always be a fave, those pretty, prickly cacti are making a strong comeback as the next trendy plant. Cacti decor offers that Southwest-chic vibe we are totally digging right now, and there are about a hundred reasons you can never have too many toiletry bags.


5. Large Banana Leaf Bowl ($25): Banana leaf-everything is officially a thing. If you’re going for a more modern look, opt for a this gold statement piece and immediately take your coffee table vignette from “meh” to tropical paradise.


6. Toucan Pillowcase ($10): Making the bed will never be a chore with these adorbs toucan pillows. Yeah, it’s a bold look, but don’t be afraid to mix and match with other fun, bright accents or even an all-neutral bedroom for a fun, resort-chic look.


7. Tea Towel ($5): Give your kitchen a tropical makeover with a few new tea towels. You’ll practically be hearing the wind through the palm trees while you do your dishes with this graphic leaf pattern. Well, almost.


8. Jungle Bathmat ($13): That bird on the mat knows what’s up. Bathmats are one of those things that should definitely be replaced more often than we actually do, and for $13, you can totally swap out your old musty one guilt-free.


9. Decorative Birdcage ($18): We’ll take the birdcage sans messy bird, thank you very much. You could fill it with candles, create a mini terrarium or even use it as a clever storage for washi tape or other large craft supplies.


10. Printed Shower Curtain ($20): If you’re following along with our very own Anjelika’s home makeover, you’ll know she went with a tropical rainforest theme in her mini bathroom. Bright green is the perfect shade to give your bathroom a vibrant makeover, and if you don’t want to paint, this banana leaf curtain should do the trick.


11. Copper Wire Baskets ($25): Got any plans to tackle spring cleaning? Then you’ll totally need a few of these stylish copper baskets in your life. Use them everywhere: Fill them with throw blankets, craft supplies and maybe that knitting project you’re working on.


12. Large Glass Vase ($25): Obviously spring = fresh flowers, which means you’re going to need to amp up your vase game. There are a whole variety of sizes to choose from, but we’ve got our eye on that big sea green vase. It looks like just the right size to show off your bouquet-arranging skills.

Which are your favorite pieces from H&M’s spring collection? Tweet us @britandco and let us know what you’re adding to your shopping list!