Lately, we’ve been pushing aside our usual succulent varieties for their pretty, prickly friends: cacti. From Lena Dunham’s famed pants to our 2015 Decor Trend Report, cactus-everything is officially a THING. While those not-so-sharp succulents will always have a place in our hearts (and pots), cacti offer that Southwest-chic vibe we are totally digging right now. From prints to pillows and textiles, these cacti decor finds are on trend and on point. Scroll down for some ideas to bring that chic desert decor home.

1. Gilded + Potted: Anything in a gilded pot is a definite yes in our books. Add cacti of varying heights, pastels and geometric shapes, and we are totally into it. (via Fenton & Fenton)

2. DIY Cactus Ring Holder: You’d never guess that this DIY is made with cheap plastic toys. Whip a few up for yourself and your besties so you can have matching BFF ring holders. (via Vitamini Handmade)

3. Cactus Wallpaper ($329): We wouldn’t mind having this watercolor cactus wallpaper plastered over every wall in our house. Too much for you? Pick up a similar print like this one ($26) from Lulu & Georgia instead.

4. Painted Cactus Print ($18): Mint, pastels and cactus? LOVE. This pretty-in-pink, prickly print would look great in a nursery or kid’s room.

5. Cacti Pillow ($20): If you are not so into the pastel + cactus trend, you can easily rest your head on this black cactus-print pillow.

6. Cactus Vase: Why choose between cacti and flowers when you can have both in one pretty porcelain vase? Want the look? Pick up this vase ($93) from the Conran Shop. (via Zilverblau)

7. Bedding: Who would have thought that cactus bedding could look so chic? We love the mix of different cacti and bold geometric patterns on this relaxation station. (via Adairs)

8. Cacti Wall Decal Set ($40): When in doubt, decal it out. Available in a wide range of colors, these decals will work with just about any decor or color scheme.

9. Retro Cactus Screen Print ($30): Glittery gold + cactus = the perfect summertime print.

10. Stamped Pillow ($30+): While this would be a simple DIY, the pastel pink and green cactus print on this modern, desert-inspired pillow is the bee’s knees.

11. Geometric Cactus Planter ($25): Tiny little cacti make for the most adorable planters. Pick up a few of these in different colors for a bright + bold vignette.

12. Little Cactus Candles ($39): Too. Cute. These little candles would make a great cake topper or decor on your mantel.

13. Cactus Pic + Washi Tape: Sometimes all you need is a real-life picture to up your gallery wall game. Make sure to have a contrasting backdrop for a unique photo that is truly a work of art. (via Sticky9)

14. Cactus Tea Towel ($16): Simple, minimalist and rustic, this tea towel would be the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal.

15. Prickly Perlers: This one’s for all you ’90s nostalgics out there. The best part? No worrying about your little ones touching those prickly spines. (via @memycraftandi)

16. DIY Cactus Pillow: Don’t worry, this cactus is totally cuddle-worthy. Sew one up for your living room couch pillowfest, or that bare nursery chair. (via Brit + Co)

17. Cactus Mug ($16): Here’s yet another cute mug to add to your ever-growing collection. Get ready to take your cup of joe with a hint of cactus.

18. Cacti Planter: Why stick to one tiny cactus when you can have a dozen (or more!) in one colorful pot? Be sure to pick lots of different cacti for variety in both color and dimension. (via From Etzer With Love)

Are you cactus-crazed? Which of these decor ideas are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!