Who’s ready for cocktail party season? Wait — let’s rephrase that. Is your home bar as ready for cocktail season as you are? You’ll find all kinds of opportunities during the holidays to entertain guests, and a great way to do that is being able to serve up handmade cocktails. Whether for a guest-list affair, a moments-notice gathering or a low-key night in with a couple glasses of wine, the B+C Shop has everything you need to get your home bar up to snuff, from glassware to bar decor. This year, the party’s at your place!


1. Tuxedo Stripes Tassel Garland ($35): First things first, let’s get your place in party mode. This tassel garland turns your blah living room wall into a festive photo backdrop.


2. Copper Wire Lights ($31): Good lighting is the difference between Huddle House and cocktail lounge. To get that warm, twinkling glow you’re going for, drape or wrap these lights around your serving counter.


3. Jolly Brit Mixer ($13): Now on to the fun stuff! Introducing the secret ingredient all your holiday favorites, like eggnog, buttered rum, apple cider and more. Take a peek at these recipes for drinks that’ll impress while saving you the guesswork.


4. Mixology Dice ($24): These dice teach you how to make cocktails the traditional way and encourage you to venture out, too. You never know when you’ll discover your own secret recipe while playing around!


5. Moscow Mule Set ($68): All the essentials for a perfect for a 1-on-1 drink are right here. Plus, if you feel like putting a twist on the classic vodka, lime and ginger drink, the recipe card that comes with it gives you seasonal variations to try.


6. Ginger Syrup ($8): The heat from this fiery ginger syrup is the perfect cure-all for cold nights, and makes for a damn good Moscow Mule.


7. White Whale Cocktail Mixers – Set of 3 ($30): Maybe the cocktail party doesn’t involve you muddling, slicing, or running orange peels over open flame. If so, playing it safe never tasted so good. The same folks that brought you our exclusive Jolly Brit elixir bring you three new blends of bold flavors. Just mix with the recommended spirit and prepare to amaze.


8. Holiday Drink Set for 2 ($36): Homemade eggnog, festive straws and a special someone to share them with. Now, that’s what holiday memories are made of.

gin kit

9. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): Looking for a project for those long nights in? Perform the tastiest magic trick of all time by turning your vodka into gin. Just think of all the G&Ts to come…


10. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56): To take your specialty cocktails, wine or bubbly a step up from the everyday, these gilded glasses (pictured left) will definitely do the trick. Complete the set with the tumblers that complement them.


11. Owl’s Brew Mixer Sampler – Set of 3 ($27): Two of your favorite at-home drinks collide! Owl’s Brew makes all their mixers with freshly-brewed tea leaves for a drink that’s both soothing and spiked. Didn’t see that one coming.


12. Rent the Runway Cocktail Party Kit ($32): Rent the Runway’s kit has all the makings of a glamorous cocktail party (equipment and recipes included!) PLUS you get to pen your own designs and phrases right onto your guests’ glasses and coasters!


13. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier – Set of 3 ($33): This triple-threat of cocktail mixers will snazz up your cocktails while warding off the dreaded next-morning effects. Cheers on cheers!


14. Mason Shaker Gift Set ($50): Mixing drinks doesn’t require fancy-shmancy equipment, or even a lot of equipment, for that matter. All your must-haves (with the exception of a strainer) are right here, and how could you not love the mason jar version of a shaker?

15. Bah Hum Bug Tea Towel ($24): While you’re shaking and slinging cocktails, it’s only natural to have some happy hour mishaps. Keep your workspace dry with this unhappy (but still lovable) bar towel.


16. Pop Fizz Clink Balloons ($5): For an easy, inexpensive way to set the party mood, give these balloons a spot in the corner or as set them as the table centerpiece.


17. Gold Leather Coasters ($29): The best way to get your guests to use coasters? Make sure they’re attention-grabbing, like these made from laser-cut gold leather.


18. Cheers Party Coasters ($16): Avoid the whose-is-whose drink confusion with these REVERSIBLE and disposable eye-candy coasters.


19. Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn ($10): Popcorn is a bar snack staple, but a boozy bacon caramel corn!? Good luck keeping the dish full.


20. Gold Dots Acrylic Tray ($55): Make your job easier with this sophisticated serving tray for tall orders.


21. Artisan Wine Making Kit ($40): A wine-making project for a cold night in could quickly escalate into a gathering of friends over mulled wine. Check the recipe here.


22. Shake: A New Perspective On Cocktails ($25): A complete cocktail guide from the folks who made your Mason Shaker Gift Set, who think that cocktail making should be simple and straightforward. Now, that’s what we like to hear.

Which of these must-haves will you be shaking (or stirring) at your next cocktail party? Tell us in the comments below!