When it comes to pets, we’ve got pets of all sizes covered here at Brit HQ. And as it turns out, many of the pets here were either adopted or rescued, so why not give them an extra dose of love this holiday season?

While we love scouting the web for the funniest new toys for our cats and dogs, we can’t resist a little DIY action in honor of Fidos, Busters, and Whiskers everywhere. We’ve teamed up with PetSmart Charities to share five clever DIY tips for making holiday gifts for and with your pets this December.

1. DIY Pet Pillows: Could Brit + Co. staffer Dzuy’s little bulldog Nellie be any cuter? Create a photo album on your couch by creating your very own pet pillows. All you need to create your own is a photo of your pet, iron-on transfer paper, fabric, and a sewing machine. If you’re not up for the sewing task, you can iron the photo onto an existing pillowcase or pillow and make it that much sweeter.

We think this could be a really fun way to show your pets growing up through the years, and maybe even incorporate family portraits with your “furrier” family members ;) If you suddenly find yourself going pillow crazy and have too many pillows, why not adorn your pet’s bed or crate with some mini ones too?

2. Paw Print Stamps: Love your pet’s paw so much, you want to turn it into art? If your dog or cat is really well-behaved, you can actually use their paw and print up a whole poster or wrapping paper. Or, you can take inspiration from their paw and create a potato stamp or linocut stamp of your own like we did in the photos above.

If you’ve got a brand new puppy or kitten, use this idea to create an annual family tradition. You can create a new paw stamp every year and see how your pets’ paws grow and evolve over the years. Don’t be surprised if your pets are pawing all over their Christmas gifts this year. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Stay tuned for a full-fledged how-to on this idea in the next few weeks!

3. DIY Photo Ornaments: Turn up your tree’s swag by adding your pet’s best pose. Holidays are all about the photos to capture the memories, place these memories on your tree for everyone to see!

We created a little floating diorama in a clear ornament by printing photos of Brit + Co. pets on cardstock and propping them up right inside the ornament. Bonus points if you toss a bit of confetti in as well!

4. Homemade Pet Holiday Treats: Feeling generous on the treat front? Then give your pet the same home cookin’ you give your family, but in dog form! We created these delicious Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats for Thanksgiving, and will definitely be making them again this Christmas.

These also make for great stocking filler for your pets’ stockings. Your pets have stockings, right?!

5. Etched Glass Treat Jars: We originally made these jars to organize our kitchen, but couldn’t resist creating a whole bunch for the dogs of Brit + Co. You could etch your pet’s name, nickname, or anything else you like.

Take this to the next level by filling your jars with homemade treats — it would make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for friends who have pets. Look out for a video how-to on how we made these in the next month!

What gifts have you made for or with your pet in the past? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with PetSmart Charities.