Whether you are relocating or just moving into your first home to call your own, coming up with a decor plan can seem daunting. With so many options available, it may be difficult to know where to start. Analysis paralysis can leave you with bland Linen White paint color still on the walls and your stuff still packed away in boxes months or even years after you move in. Don’t let it! Jump-start your creative process with visuals that will get you excited about your home. Beyond the usual suspects like IKEA, for it’s unbeatable price points, and Anthropologie, for special splurges, here are 14 online home decor sites we love.

1. Discover What You Like

My next go-to when designing interiors are sites like Houzz and Pinterest, where you can quickly swipe through images sorted by category, like bathroom, and keywords, like “marble tub surround”, and save the ones you love. Creating look books or pin boards helps solidify what you like, what you already own and what you are missing.

2. Make a Mood Board

After I have several idea books or pin boards, I like to design a collage or mood board to start juxtaposing decor items next to one another or in groupings. There are many free apps that make creating a collage quick and easy. PicMonkey and Pixlr are two that I like. You’ll find easy tutorials for both on YouTube that will get you started.

3. Decide on a Color Palette

I like to create a mood board for each room in my house, and fill it up with photos — grouping things that I already own with things I need to find. Here’s an example of a yellow and gray mood board for my bedroom. Sometimes I will create more than one color scheme for each room. It’s very helpful to see that my yellow bureau looks great next to that curtain fabric that I’m thinking of buying. It can help me make the decision of whether or not to buy it.

4. Know Your Budget

Realistically, how much can you spend on decor? If your decor needs are large but your budget is small, you will want to shop thrifts to find the things you love. And employ your DIY skills. This is good to know upfront. It doesn’t mean you won’t still look at Anthropologie for inspiration.

5. Paint

Paint is the number-one most effective decor change anyone can make. It’s also the least expensive, so win-win! Don’t be afraid of color.

Finally, don’t try to add too much at once. Avoid buying “sets” of furniture from one store. The most charming, eclectic homes contain collections of meaningful items acquired over time.

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(Photo via Renov8or)