We’re always on the hunt for new ways to make our own decorations and unusual presents for the holidays.

This year, we teamed up with The Home Depot ® to make what we’re calling the biggest DIY ornament ever as a change-up to the typical holiday decor. Well, guess what? The Home Depot ®’s Blog, The Apron features even more creative projects for the season. We’re happy to share our favorite 10 projects for the holidays from this DIY-focused blog, all powered by this home improvement retailer’s supplies and materials.

1. The Biggest DIY Ornament Ever: We’ll kick things off with our own giant ornament. We created this fun project to add a bit of whimsy to a bookshelf or entryway table. It’s easy to freestyle with designs that you like by following some of the pattern suggestions in our post. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Joyful Rope Light Sign: Joy to the world, this rope light sign is so much easier to make than it looks! Could rope light signs be the new wire word art? (via The Home Depot)

3. Gardening Kit in a Chalkboard Pot: This is a genius gift for amateur gardeners and master gardeners alike! Take it up a level by including gardening goodies for the edible gardener, and include a recipe right on the pot that centers around the herbs or vegetables you give them to grow, or include instructions for how to take care of the plant. (via The Home Depot)

4. Chalkboard Holiday Signs: How festive is this chalkboard sign? Make it for every holiday, all year round! (via Boutique La Bohéme for The Home Depot)

5. Hanging Wooden Letters: This simple DIY project adds a touch of beauty to any holiday décor scene. We particularly love the leaf pattern. (via The Home Depot)

6. Ceramic Tile Gift Tag: Now that is a keepsake gift tag if we’ve ever seen one. These would also make great DIY ornaments. (via The Home Depot)

7. Color-Dipped Chalkboard Mugs: We’ve dabbled with chalkboard dishware ourselves over here, and are digging the green hues on this collection. The ribbon and jingle bell on the handle is the perfect cherry on top. (via The Home Depot)

8. Plasti-Dip Champagne Flutes: We’ve dabbled in the world of plasti-dip before, but this way of color-dipping champagne flutes is genius. Not only does it add instant holiday cheer, but it probably makes them easier to hold as well for your next holiday gathering! (via The Home Depot)

9. Potted Rosemary Topiary: Create miniature herb topiaries to give as gifts this year! These are adorable and could be easily customized in different shapes, or using different herbs like thyme or tarragon. (via The Home Depot)

10. Chalkboard Spice Collection: And finally, a gift that makes good all year round. Help organize your friends and family by giving them a chalkboard spice collection, or simply the chalkboard labels to put on their jars. (via The Home Depot)

What types of holiday decor are you making this year? What about handmade gifts? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post was created as part of a Brit + Co. partnership with The Home Depot ®. While we have been compensated for our time, our opinions are our own.