Here’s the problem: You don’t like to bake, but you heart chocolate, like bad. Alright, well, we don’t see any three-layer chocolate cakes in your future, but what we do see is a list full of easy and delicious chocolate recipes that’ll have your pals thinking you spent hours in the kitchen crafting fine little morsels. Your Valentine’s Day treat woes are no more.

1. Marzipan Chocolate Sushi: Aside from being pretty, it’s just pure genius – sushi and chocolate. It makes for an attention-garnering hostess gift. Just sayin’. (via Scandi Foodie)

2. Chocolate Gaming Dice: Chocolate dice? Just roll with it. (via Our Nerdy Home)

3. Chocolate Strawberry Hearts: Yes, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, but these babies are all good all 365. Just cut strawberries and melt chocolate! Done deal. (via Lora More)

4. Gingerbread Chocolates: Like the directions say, tempering chocolate can be a bit tricky, but the results definitely make it worth your time and effort… trust. Plus, gingerbread. (via A Dash of Compassion)

5. Chocolate Cherry Mice: Chocolate-covered cherries, a Hershey’s Kiss, and almond slices – name one person who won’t go “awwww” when they see these? (via Not Quite Susie)

6. Spoonful of Chocolate: These truly are the perfect party treat: They’re small enough to eat in two bites, and they come on a spoon. Wanna get real crazy? Pick up some colored spoons and experiment with toppings. (via Signepling)

7. Copy Cat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Hearts: Here you have it: Heaven on earth. If you’re a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fan (who isn’t?), you will obsess over this copycat version, which also happens to be heart-shaped. (via Makobi Scribe)

8. Chocolate Tea Cup: Did anyone else see the episode of GIRLS where Hannah’s editor bites his cup, and Hannah looks shocked until he explains that the cup is chocolate? Yeah. There’s your inspiration. (via How To Cook That)

Which recipe will you try? Tell us in the comments below!