What’s the secret to a great #shelfie? Is it all about the succulents? The well-loved books? Getting the lighting just right? No matter how you prep for a perfect snap, one thing’s for certain: It’d be practically impossible to take a bad photo if you lived in this light, airy, shelf-filled home. Homepolish designer Nina Jizhar transformed the space from a blank slate to a welcoming, cozy retreat with plenty of California-cool style to spare.

Inspired by her clients’ natural knack for collecting, Jizhar made plenty of space for open shelving throughout the living areas. “My clients have phenomenal taste and really appreciate a beautiful, livable space. They’re not afraid of having open shelving, because they know they will keep [the shelves] styled,” Jizhar tells us. “I injected as much as open shelving possible in numerous spaces in the house to align with the bright and airy feel we were going for.”

Jizhar wanted the space to feel unfussy, so she made sure there were plenty of spaces to store items behind closed doors too. Her rule of thumb? “Display plates, bowls and mugs in a neutral color so they don’t look busy. Then leave all the items that are not easily contained behind closed doors.” A mix of open and closed storage makes the home more practical (and easy to tidy) while also showcasing treasured items.

Matte black light fixtures in a variety of styles fill the home, creating a sleek, refreshing alternative to more flashy metals. “I feel like the black light fixtures aren’t ‘trendy,’ but are on-trend. As long as you keep it simple and classic, they are timeless. These spaces feature a lot of whites and wood tones, so having the fixtures in black add a really nice contrast to the space,” Jizhar explains.

Though the color scheme of the home is largely neutral, small pops of color provide tons of character. “Keeping the walls white and adding big-ticket items such as the sectional sofa in a neutral palette make for a great backdrop to showcase textiles with bolder colors and patterns,” says Jizhar. “Layering is the key, but edit, edit, and edit! Greenery also contributed to the warm and cozy feel.”

Diverse wood tones and natural leathers epitomize the laid-back, West Coast vibe we love. The secret to keeping the look pared down is employing tons of hidden storage around the room. In fact, Jizhar says, her favorite element of the design was the built-ins. “They really enhanced the interior architecture of the house and keep clutter away,” she says. This storage-enhanced window seat looks like such a dreamy place to soak up some sun on the weekend.

Even the office space has open shelving, proving it can work just about anywhere. Jizhar suggests leaving most of these areas styled so they always look great, and turning to hidden storage for more workaday items. “Closed storage is also a great addition to your launch pad-landing pad area, and it make tidying up a space faster and easier,” she says. (We’re always in favor of quicker cleanup times!)

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(Images via Helynn Ospina for Homepolish)