The house plant obsession is still going strong — and we’re definitely not complaining! Indoor gardens have proven time and time again that they’re both functional (AKA a boost for your mental and physical health) and fashionable decor must-haves. The latest craze in the jungalow world? Plant shelfies that take your greenery to new heights, literally. Keep scrolling for 13 fab ways to get your #shelfie game on.


1. Kitchen Window: Make dish duty something you *actually* look forward to by setting up a windowsill display stocked with sweet seedlings. (via Oakland Furniture)

2. Call in the Cacti: If overflowing ferns aren’t your thing, opt for a wall of cacti in funky planters. It’s a low-maintenance option that’ll work MUCH better with your busy summer schedule. (via What Olivia Did)

3. Dresser Display: Place your bbs on the dresser in soft, woven planters. It’s an easy (and stylish) way to show off your prettiest possessions. (via Pinkvilla)

4. Step It Up: Take your shelfie to a whole new level — or should we say levels — by staggering bold-colored planters on a set of stairs. If a contraption like this isn’t available, use temporary props, like pillars or stacked accessories, to do the trick. (via French by Design Blog)

5. Book Shelfie: Repurpose an old bookshelf so you can have an excuse to invest in more plant life to fill it up. It’s a win-win situation, for sure. (via The Jungalow)

6. Desert Chic: There’s something *so* glam about tons of cacti corralled together, especially when chic, minimalist planters are involved. (via Home & Decor)

7. Taking Shape: Go for a unique take on traditional shelving with a triangular option. (via Mette Monstercircus)

8. Office Jungalow: Just when you thought that WFH life couldn’t get any better, this entire plant wall shelfie came along and made your desk job much more fun. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Above the Kitchen Counter: Unlike cooks, you can never have too many plants in the kitchen. Use sleek ledges to keep herbs stored safely out of the way, but handy for cooking. (via Crate & Barrel)

10. Painted Planters: Make a whimsical arrangement by hand-painting your pots in one-of-a-kind designs. Not sure where to start? Give these DIY planters a try. (via My Interior)

11. Climb the Ladder: When one layer just won’t do, add in a few more rungs for a ladder-style shelf that gives every shrub a chance to shine. (via Just Imagine)

12. Covered Console: Get ready to welcome guests to your very own jungle oasis with a plant-filled hallway console. (via Urban Outfitters)

13. Drama Overflow: A cascading plant brings major drama to a simple setup. Just be sure to keep the accent trimmed before it makes its way to the floor. (via Home & Decor)

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