Buying a starter home can be a major challenge. After fashion blogger slash actress Grasie Mercedes toured dozens of beautiful homes in LA only to see every single one get snapped up, she was feeling a bit discouraged. That’s when she decided to pivot her strategy. She set her sights on a fixer-upper rather than an already-finished dream home, knowing she’d need a top-notch designer to infuse some character into the space. So she called talented Homepolish designer Caroline Wolf to tackle the renovations — all in just under one month!

Reimagining any space in under a month is a tall order, and this 3-bedroom, 3-bath home was no exception. Wolf focused on finishes to create a beautiful, airy, and versatile vibe in the kitchen: hardwood floors, clean-yet-character-filled tilework, and brass accessories. A dark accent — in the form of a deep blue door — breaks up all the white space. And the brass pops continue throughout the home, creating a cool and understated theme in Wolf’s design.

“The main goal was to take away the feeling of a bad flip and make [the home] feel custom and warm, while still keeping it bright. We got right to work with the more time-consuming projects, like laying the new flooring and re-tiling the bathrooms,” says Wolfe. This bathroom pulls off so many of the trends we loved from 2018, from floral floor tiles to floating vanities to rounded mirrors.

More floating goodies — in the form of mirrored nightstands — shine in the bedroom. And the eclectic textiles and plethora of plants steal the show. “We went with woods and leathers to ground the space, [juxtaposed] with lighter rugs. It’s all a balancing act!” says Wolfe.

As a fashion blogger, Mercedes really needed an incredible closet she could fill with her favorite pieces. Wolf took it to the next level (literally) with vertical storage for all of Mercedes’ treasures.

“To warm it up, I used some sheepskins and woven materials to add texture… and I think sprinkling personal belongings with meaning, like books and records, warms it up as well,” Wolfe tells us of the living room. The gallery wall of Mercedes and her husband Damien’s favorite art pieces infuses this formerly blank-slate space with lots of vibrancy. “Grasie and Damien are full of personality and have a fun past in music,” says Wolfe. “We incorporated a lot of their mementos to create a real sense of home.”

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(Photos Via Tessa Neustadt)