The main reason you put up shelves in your home is for storage and organization, but with the rise of the #shelfie on Instagram, shelves are just as much about style as they are about functionality. All of your books, prints and small knick-knacks are just waiting for a perfectly decorated home. And with just a few simple tips, you can make sure that their space is just beautiful as the rest of your abode. From using fun shelf shapes to DIY solutions, these 14 great tips are here to up your #shelfie game. Scroll through for some major shelf-styling inspo.

1. Art Display: The most common use for a shelf is for housing your favorite books. BUT, we think shelves are even better for displaying artwork. And for renters, this is the perfect solution for “hanging” prints in your home sans wall damage. (via Lauren Kelp)

2. Black Brackets: The beauty of floating shelves is the transparency and openness they provide. Painting the shelf brackets a glossy black makes for a chic and unexpected touch. (via Desire to Inspire)

3. Go Circular: Rectangular shelves are sooo yesterday. Opt for a hanging circle shelf instead as fun alternative. (via Design Love Fest)

4. Color Coded: Shelves in a kid’s room are a necessity if you want to avoid books and toys all over their floor. So why not make them stylish as well as functional? Designate each shelf a different color scheme and it may even make cleanup time more fun! (via Mommo Design)

5. Honeycomb Hallway: A network of honeycomb shelves built along your hallway wall will be the perfect place to display embarrassing (but oh-so-cute!) photos of your family and friends. (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Cubbies: When you have a shelving unit with cubby-like spaces, fill them with small books, sculptures and other odds and ends to make the space seem fuller. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Corner Creation: A shelf’s primary function is to help you organize. Maximize every inch of wall space you have by building corner floating shelves. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. DIY Rope Shelf: We love incorporating rope into our home decor, and we love it even more when it’s something we can DIY. (via Burkatron)

9. Double Duty: When one shelf just isn’t enough to contain your little one’s books and toys, build shelves on the bottom of one wall and more shelves toward the top of another wall. This kiddie-level shelf will be the perfect spot for their own personal library. (via Mini Style Blog)

10. Entertainment Center: If your shelves are part of a built-in that houses your television, fill those shelves with books and DVDs so all your entertainment supplies are in one place. (via The Coveteur)

11. Geometric Pop: We think every hexagon shelf should be painted fun colors like these for a bright pop on your wall. (via Adairs)

12. Office Space: Sometimes your office space is just a desk in a corner. If that’s the case, build a shelf over your desk to take advantage of the only free space you have left. (via The Glitter Guide)

13. Pink Edge: Painting or washi-taping the edge of your shelves in a bold color like hot pink may result in people looking more at the shelf itself than what it’s actually holding. Use this trick at your own risk, people. (via Homepolish)

14. Single Shelf: Instead of letting a clunky nightstand take up valuable floor space in your bedroom, let the shelf built over your bed house your glasses and favorite bedtime reads. (via Objets Mecaniques)

How do you style the shelves in your home? Share your tips below!