It’s one of the sad realities of life that we’ve just learned to accept: Keys are easy to lose, hard to find. No matter how cute the keychain attached to it is or how close the wall hook is to the door, keys are just one of those things that manage to lose themselves (because it’s never your fault). It’s hard enough to get out of bed, pick a stylish work outfit and ready yourself for the day. How are you supposed to remember where you put your keys on top of it all?! Maybe you’re not. Or at the very least, maybe you’re meant to have a little bit of help. That’s exactly what the guys who created Hone think.

Hone is a simple Bluetooth device you can hook onto your keys and locate with an app on your iPhone or iPad. Allow us to paint a scenario to help you better understand how it works. Imagine: You’re late for work (of course). You grab your purse, your phone, a banana and your ke — nope. Not where you thought they were. But instead of rummaging through your purse, the couch, your pockets and wherever else you’ve been known to throw them, you can simply grab your iPhone and tap the find button on Hone’s app. Your missing keys will then hone in on your phone and the keychain device will flash and beep. The device also has a built-in sensor that lets you know when you’re getting closer.

There isn’t a grand or spectacular story behind how Hone got its start. This much-needed device was born out of frustration and necessity. One day in 2012, Louis Gerbarg decided he’d had it with losing his keys. With the help of his childhood friend, Geoff Litwack, he created an iPhone app and prototyped a circuit board with a Bluetooth chip, which he would later duct tape to his keychain.

After spending some time improving upon the original creation, the duo created a Kickstarter project that received a ton of support. As it turns out, a lot of people lose their keys on a regular basis. After receiving full funding, Hone launched into regular production. And because of Gerbarg and Litwack’s happy ending, you’ll never have to spend an obscene amount of time searching for your keys again.

Hone is available for purchase at for $60 — a fair price when you think about all of the time you’ve wasted looking for your keys. And you know what they say: Time is money. So then not only is Hone saving your sanity, it’s also saving you some dough. We’ll buy that.

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