It seems like everyone at Brit HQ is jet-setting all across the country this fall, from Texas to Portland to Chicago and New York, and all of us could use a good night of sleep. Now, the art of the perfect bed frame is something that can seem kind of boring. You’ve been fine without a frame for a decade, and the posters that hang above your bed as a makeshift headboard are totally cool… right? Maybe for now, but for your next big home decor purchase, feast your eyes on 10 beautiful bed frames.

Aside from a couple IKEA finds, this list is definitely packed to the max with investment pieces for your home. If you’ve already got a standard frame but need a headboard, check out these 20 DIY headboard options as well!

1. White Leirvik Bed Frame ($100): First, a classic (and extremely affordable) metal frame from IKEA. Though we’re not wild about the bedding pictured, a modern graphic print would elevate this to a chic and modern level.

2. Beam Platform Bed ($3,099): Sometimes you just want to lie down right on a slab of wood. This beautifully made bed looks pretty darn masculine in this setting, but could easily be warmed up with some key throw pillows or textiles.

3. Rustic Reclaimed Pallet (contact for custom order): You know we love a good repurposed pallet! This custom-made frame is perfect for a rustic or shabby chic vibe.

4. Autumn Filigree Bed ($2,698): This looks like a bed fit for Marie Antoinette, or at least Marie Antoinette as portrayed by Kirsten Dunst ;) We dig all the whimsical filigree on this frame.

5. Paneled Villa Bed ($1,998): Beautiful panels and woodwork transport us to a decidedly European place when we dream of cozying up with this bed frame.

6. Amelia Bed ($729-$798): How ’bout a pop of red for your next bedroom design move? We love how this looks with the minimal white bedding.

7. Hidalgo Hardwood Bed ($2,898): Another more masculine option, we love the clean lines on this hardwood piece.

8. Birch Storage Bed Frame ($399): Can’t live without under-the-bed storage? Keep it more organized with this storage-ready bed frame, complete with four spacious drawers for all your odds and ends.

9. Italian Campaign Canopy Bed ($1,698-$1,898): Who knew canopy beds could be so modern? The sculptural lines of this canopy lend themselves to a seriously stylish look.

10. White Headboard & Bed Frame ($529-$598): Last, a basic white frame that has a vintage vibe to it. It could be fun to paint one or two of the bars a different color, or to “dip” the whole top of the headboard portion!

What does your bed look like? Do you have a bed frame, headboard, both? Or do you just rock the basic frame that came with your mattress and box spring? Talk to us in the comments below.