We’re all about getting organized, but most of organizing supplies out there are pretty plain. Thankfully, there are a ton of bright wall hooks available that are not only functional but also spruce up your space. Here are 18 of our favorites, and if you need more colorful storage ideas, we’ve got those, too.

1. Eames Hang-It-All ($116): This might be our favorite wall hook of all time. White with pops of color? It just screams Brit + Co.! And the fact that it’s an Eames design doesn’t hurt at all.

2. Puj Nubs Clever Grippy Bath Towel Hooks ($10): While we don’t like the name (…nubs…), we do like how cute and colorful these silicone hooks are.

3. Can’t Miss Wall Knobs (Airplane) ($9 each): Perfect for a frequent traveler these airplane shaped hooks are ideal for holding your coat and handbag—everything you need before you dash off on another adventure.

4. Unicorn Hook ($18): Yes, you need this mythical creature on your bedroom wall to hold your necklaces. Anyone who says you don’t need it is lying to you.

5. Encased Elephant Hooks ($20): If you want a more realistic animal head hook, this elephant is our favorite. Or maybe this giraffe is. It’s too hard to choose!

6. Zig Zag Wall Hook ($10): A minimalist nod to the Eames Hang-It-All, this hook is still colorful, but much more affordable.

7. LOSJON Hangers ($8 for 5): We’re starting to see a trend here! An array of wall hooks could be one of the best ways to add pops of color to your home.

8. Arrow Hanger ($49): Just in case you ever forget where you’re supposed to hang your coat this arrow will remind you. We love that the body of the arrow folds down, and you can hang additional items on its arms. So much storage for one little hook.

9. Twig Modern Wall Hook ($27): Create a veritable forest for your stuff with these tree-inspired wood wall hooks. We love the idea of staggering them on your wall for a more natural look.

10. Bahaus Hooks Set of Three ($48): These might look a bit primary school, but they also add a modern art feel to your home. It’s all in what you hang on them.

11. Offsides Hanger ($56): For the soccer or foosball enthusiast, this is the perfect hook to hang your cleats. We bet a DIY version would be pretty easy to come up with as well!

12. Rope + Metal Hook ($14): Go for the nautical look with these rope-wrapped hooks. They’d look great by the back door for coats, umbrellas, and more.

13. Ivy Hanger ($94): This is the good kind of ivy, the kind that will hold your stuff and look great on your wall even when it’s empty—if that ever happens!

14. Marquee Letter Hook ($18 each): You know we love typography decor. And these initial hooks will help you keep everyone’s coats and bags straight.

15. Ready for Takeoff Wall Hooks ($35): These little birds look almost ready to take flight. But for now they will keep your coat or jewelry in place.

16. Skyline Multi Hook ($25): Hang your hat on the skyline with this five-pronged hanger. Each of the five buildings flips out, so they are flush to the wall when not in use, making it a piece of art.

17. Gym Hook ($28): Available in multiple sizes, these hooks can act as an art installation when not in use. We’d put them next to our closet door to hang up tomorrow’s outfit each night.

18. Silver Spoon Hooks ($32 for 5): If your home has a vintage look, we’d recommend these silver spoon wall hooks. The varying degrees of tarnish makes them more visually interesting. We’re guessing it would be an easy DIY, as well.

Which of these hooks is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!