When the holidays get stressful and the winter doldrums set in, there is one sure-fire way to combat the blues: hot cocoa! We’re sharing everything you need to create a super fly hot cocoa bar. In no time at all, you’ll be swooning over adorable lights, the beauty of snow and maybe — just maybe — even hosting a make-your-own hot cocoa party at your glorious cocoa bar. Read on, warm up and rock on!

almond milk kit

1. Almond Milk Kit ($35): If you’re having hot chocolate, mix it in with some almond milk made with your very own hands. It’s an awesome way to keep things dairy free and DIY-ful.

blue mug

2. Painted Mug ($30): Frothy hot cocoa looks absolutely stunning inside this pretty blue mug. A glittery silver spoon handle jutting out of the top is the cherry on top of a beautiful hot cocoa cake.

coloring book

3. Contemporary Coloring Book ($13): Stock your bar with fun activities to do while you sip your chocolaty confections. This coloring book is all grown up and super chic.

custom stirrers

4. Custom Drink Stirrers ($30): This set of ten custom drink stirrers is sure to delight. The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination. From names for each guest to types of hot cocoa you’re offering, there’s endless custom fun to be had.


5. Flamingo Spatula ($12): Sometimes hot cocoa means starting from scratch and melting your very own chocolate. Scrape the bowl and let a lucky guest lick the rest off this adorable flamingo spatula.

forest feast

6. Forest Cook Book ($35): A DIY hot cocoa bar makes for a killer dessert, but that means you need a dinner before hand. Use this all-veggie cookbook to take a delicious and meat-less approach to dinner.

heart of gold mug

7. Heart of Gold Mug ($14): The sienna tones of hot cocoa look amazing inside this white mug covered in a a golden-clad Niel Young quote.

mason mugs

8. Mason Jar Mugs ($62): If you’re looking to take your hot chocolate on the go, this set of 12 mason jar mugs is the way to go. They look great, come with covers and have an handy handle to keep your fingers burn free.

pep bark

9. Chocolate Bark ($35): What pairs best with chocolate? More chocolate, of course! The cool peppermint flavor of this chocolate bark is the perfect balance to the heat of hot cocoa.

pep HC

10. Hot Chocolate on a Stick ($25): Bring a little state fair flair to the middle of winter with hot chocolate on a stick.

pretzel favs

11. Chocolate Covered Pretzels ($27): Balance out the hot cocoa sweets with the slightly salty twinge of these delicious, chocolate-dipped pretzels. Did someone say chocolate feast? We hope our invitation is in the mail!

reindeer mug kit

12. Reindeer Mug Kit ($29): Hot cocoa and reindeer mugs are a match made in wintry heaven. This kit gives you everything you need to whip up some reindeer-shaped cookies with red noses and craft a custom mug via pretty porcelain pen.

smores marshmallows

13. S’mores Marshmallows ($8): No hot cocoa bar is complete without marshmallows. Step up your ‘mallow game with these s’mores-flavored delights.

Which of these fabulous products is going to be the latest addition to your hot cocoa festivities? Let us know in the comments!