Once you have your festive or DIY mug situation sorted out, isn’t it time you filled it? These 15 non-traditional cocoas are just what you need. Going beyond the packet and expected milk-sugar-chocolate mix, these recipes bring a whole new world of flavor to your cup. Get ready for some sips both hot and cold, child-friendly and cocktail-hour-ready and much much more.


1. Frozen Hot Chocolate: This concoction may be chilly, but it’s a delicious drink regardless of the temperature outside. Since it’s made without premixed cocoa, you can tailor the chocolate and sugar levels to your preferences. (via Your Cup of Cake)


2. Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Here, mulled wine meets hot cocoa to create one rich sip. It’ll warm you up in more ways than one. (via Imma Eat That)


3. Superfood Cocoa: Superfoods and spices come together to create a totally tasty mugful. Talk about a great way to give your body a boost during cold season. (via Sweet Kabocha)


4. Hot Fluffernutter Cocoa: Considering how awesome chocolate-p.b. and marshmallow-chocolate unions are, it’s kinda surprising that we haven’t seen this flavor trio come together in a cup sooner. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)


5. Red Velvet Hot Cocoa: For an even more appropriate dollop, consider folding a bit of cream cheese into the whipped cream crowning this cake-inspired cocoa. (via Heather’s French Press)


6. Tahini Hot Chocolate (Dairy-Free): Take the tahini out of the dip bowl (hello, hummus) and add a few scoops to your next cup of cocoa. Its creamy nuttiness offers quite the enhancement. (via Bon Appétit)


7. Stout Hot Chocolate: It’s probably no surprise that chocolate stout works beautifully in cocoa. (via Community Table)


8. Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate: Use white chocolate to create this sweet, snickerdoodle-inspired slurp. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)


9. Christmas Hot Chocolate Smoothie: This hot chocolate “smoothie” is a great way to sneak an extra serving of veggies into your kids’ (or your own) diet. (via Delightful Mom)


10. Frozen Hot Chocolate Margarita: Frozen margaritas meet frozen hot chocolate to create an unexpected (and totally awesome) cocktail hour cocoa. (via Daydreamer Desserts)


11. Cocoa Chai: Black tea, cardamom and cinnamon transform chocolate and milk into a cocoa-chai fusion. (via With a Spin)


12. Green Tea Hot Chocolate: Matcha tea powder is the trick for turning this cocoa a stunning shade of bright green. (via Panko Bunny)


13. Hot Chocolate on a Stick: These solid hot chocolate pops make great homemade gifts or party favors. Simply stir them into a mug of steaming hot milk, et voila, instant hot cocoa. (via The Tomkat Studio)


14. Pistachio Cardamom Hot Chocolate (Vegan): Using homemade pistachio-cardamom milk makes this hot chocolate deliciously dairy-free. Simply leave off the toasted ‘mallow for a vegan-friendly version. (via Savory Simple)


15. Hot Cocoa Martini: This chilly, creamy cocktail is a delicious sip to enjoy all season long. (via A Cocktail Life)

What’s your favorite way to make a cup of cocoa more unique? Share your ideas with us below.