You鈥檝e heard the nursery rhyme, but hot cross buns may or may not be something that your taste buds are acquainted with. Typically, the sweet raisin-studded rolls are made to mark the end of Lent and are a staple at tables around the world. For some, they have deep religious meaning, and to others, they鈥檙e just a tasty treat. If the tradition is a necessity in your home but you want to switch up the recipe, you鈥檒l love these 19 hot cross buns recipes that satisfy every palette, whether you鈥檙e freshly Paleo or a chocoholic.


1. Hot Cross Bun Loaf: This loaf gets its unique golden tint and floral essence from saffron. Toast the leftovers and spread with clotted cream for an epic post-Easter snack. (via Delicious Magazine)


2. Small-Batch Blueberry Hot Cross Buns: There鈥檚 no use in making a ton of buns just for a few people. These small batch blueberry buns are made with a loaf pan, so you have the perfect amount for up to six folks. (via Seasons and Suppers)


3. Honey-Glazed Brioche Hot Cross Buns: Take your traditional hot cross buns up a notch by finishing them with a honey glaze and orange frosting. Even your conventional grandma will love this change. (via Food52)

cherry almond

4. Martha鈥檚 Cherry and Almond Hot Cross Buns: Gone are the days of plain hot cross buns taking up space on your table. This cherry almond recipe is a boujee reminder to step out of your comfort zone. (via Waitrose)


5. Chocolate Chunk Hot Cross Buns: Imagine everyone鈥檚 delight when they bite into their hot cross bun to find chocolate chunks instead of raisins. That seriously *has* to be one of the best surprises there can be. (via Simply Delicious Food)


6. Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns: There are few things more comforting than the flavors of apple and cinnamon. Start a new family ritual by making these together the night before Easter for memories that鈥檒l last you a lifetime. (via Gourmet Traveller)


7. Chocolate Hot Cross Buns With Ginger and Cranberry: Yep, chocolate buns. While they鈥檙e not overly sweet, you may want to wait until the main meal is over before you dig into these bad boys. (via The Sugar Hit)


8. Boozy Hot Cross Bun and Better Pudding With Mini Eggs: As if you needed an excuse to get rid of your chocolate mini eggs and hot cross buns, you could do so with this bread pudding. Whenever the Easter leftovers are being divvied up, you know what to ask for. (via Metro)


9. Hot Cross Bun Fudge: Even if you don鈥檛 participate in Lent, this fudge would be a thoughtful gift for someone who does. Wrap it up and deliver it on Good Friday so they can enjoy it all weekend. (via Delicious Magazine)


10. Hot Cross Buns Macarons: You know you want to show off your mad culinary skills to your whole family. Make these orange-spiced macarons for Easter Sunday and your outfit won鈥檛 be the only thing that鈥檚 Insta-worthy. (via The Kate Tin)


11. Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns: Not everyone likes dried fruit in their buns, so this chocolate-orange variation will come to the rescue. Be sure to serve them warm from the oven with lashings of butter for maximum enjoyment. (via Marsha鈥檚 Baking Addiction)


12. Stout Hot Cross Buns: If you don鈥檛 mind getting a little boozy for the holiday, these rich stout buns would make a welcome addition to your spread. Go one step further and make homemade butter to spread on top. (via Drizzle and Dip)


13. Matcha Red Bean Hot Cross Buns: These Japanese-inspired buns are great for a family of world travelers. The matcha adds an earthy green hue and the red bean paste makes them slightly sweet, so they鈥檙e perfect for slathering with your favorite jam. (via Wandercooks)


14. Overnight Hot Cross Buns: Nobody has time for getting up early just to make yeast buns. This overnight version is just as delicious and, most importantly, lazy girl-approved. (via Alexandra鈥檚 Kitchen)


15. Raw Hot Cross Buns: Raw foodism is becoming increasingly popular, so if you live that lifestyle, this version will make you feel right at home. TBH, your non-raw family may actually gravitate toward your dish instead of theirs. (via Ascension Kitchen)


16. Gluten-Free Hot Cross Buns: These hot cross buns are just like the classic recipe, only they鈥檙e sans gluten so no one has to miss out on the best part of the Easter fun! (via Tesco Real Food)


17. Sarah Wilson鈥檚 Sugar-Free Hot Cross Muffins: Go sugar-free AND get your hot cross buns fix for breakfast. (via Yuppiechef Magazine)


18. Sweet Potato and Brown Butter Hot Cross Buns: Raise your hand if the foodie inside of you is jumping for joy right now. Experiment with different flavors with these fluffy sweet potato and brown butter buns that would be amazing alongside your Easter meal. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)


19. Coconut and Mango Hot Cross Buns: Take a culinary trip to west Africa without leaving your kitchen with these tropical hot cross buns. Try serving with coconut butter to echo the flavors inside. (via Recipes from a聽Pantry)

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