You and bae practically went on a date to get a flu vaccine together. You’ve both taken steps to stay away from germs at work. And yet, just like clockwork, your significant other falls victim to an illness — and being the supportive partner you are, it’s your turn to play doctor. Caring for a sick sweetie might feel like a tedious undertaking, but these seven tips will help you weather the storm together.

1. Ask them what they need. Some sick people want nothing more than to sequester themselves in a dark room until they emerge germ-free, while others prefer to be doted on at all hours of the day. No matter where your S.O. falls on this spectrum, ask them how they like to be taken care of. That way, you’ll conserve energy and they can feel better sooner.

2. Don’t play doctor (unless, of course, you are one). WebMD can be your best friend and worst nightmare. If your boo is experiencing vague symptoms, don’t try and diagnose them yourself unless you’re actually licensed to do so. If they see a doctor, they can understand what’s going on and how to best get rid of their illness.

3. Get the necessary supplies. No matter what they’ve come down with, a sick BF or GF automatically calls for a drug store run. Once you know what bug is getting them down, assemble the proper tools to treat it: Gatorade, ibuprofen, tissues, Nyquil, etc.

4. Stock up on favorite foods. While you’re out, also consider grabbing your honey’s favorite foods (if they’re allowed to eat them). Food might not be a cure-all for medical symptoms, but it’s practically guaranteed to raise spirits. Plus, sick people need to eat too!

5. Make them a care package. If their illness really has your babe down in the dumps, consider making a “care package” (hand delivered by you, of course!) with all their favorite things. If you two are in a LDR, actually mailing a care package is a great way to express your sympathy and brighten your boo’s day from miles away.

6. Give them a little space. Even if your S.O. falls in the “stay my by side 24/7” category of sick people, be sure to give them their space to heal. In addition to treatment and medication, most bugs simply take a little bit of TLC, sleep, and time to get better. While they’re sick, set boundaries on your time together to let them sleep and rest so they can return to normal ASAP.

7. Take care of yourself too. You can’t help your partner heal if you’re sick too. While taking care of them, be sure to maintain your own eating, fitness, and sleep schedule to ensure that you don’t end up in the same sickly boat as them.

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