Nothing completes a great outfit quite like the perfect necklace, but sometimes we don’t want to stop at just one gorgeous strand. If you’re rushing out the door or looking for an easy way to dress up that plain white tee, layered necklaces make a powerful fashion statement in two seconds flat. For those days when one necklace simply isn’t enough, we’ve got 12 stylish ways to mix them up.

1. Shape It: Repeat the same shape across several layered necklaces for an awesome play on symmetry. Bonus points if your shoes pay homage to that shape as well. (via By Kiki)

2. Deep Neck: Go for a few chunky necklaces of various lengths, then pair them with a deep-v cut for the ultimate bold statement. Daytime dominatrix status? We like it. (via Who What Wear)

3. Minimal Gold Layered Set ($84): Layer fun shapes and delicate, shiny strands for a whimsical, light feel. This look pairs well with chambray, a lacy top or your favorite creamy sweater.

4. Kei Tassel Necklace ($88): A tassel provides the perfect end note to your layered pretties. Looking to save your hard-earned cash? We’ve got a DIY version that you can make at home.

5. Kei Turquoise Statement ($52): Start with a bold and bright centerpiece necklace and you’ll be able to mix and match anything around it. Use your favorite classic stone, like amethyst or emerald, or even a simple pearl setting.

6. Silver Statement Neck: Same metals, different patterns = all good. (via Blog and the City)

7. Metals + Bright Patterns: Just because your jewelry is bold doesn’t mean your shirt can’t be too. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and layered necklaces for look that will turn heads. (via A Fashion Love Affair)

8. Charm It Up: Your old school charms get a stylish new life when paired with long, simple strands. (via I Want Big Closet)

9. Parisian Baubles: Go rogue and put it all on the table. Keep your top simple and sleek to pull off this look, and you’ll get more than a few glances. (via Elle)

10. Multiple Chains Necklace ($39): Step one: Throw on a few chains and beaded necklaces for the ultimate boho look. Step two: Resist the urge to go run in a field of pansies.

11. LevRan Jewelry Layered Circles ($52): This delicate, double-stranded necklace does all the layering work for you.

12. Druzy Necklace ($98): Druzy adds a sparkling cap to your layers that’s sure to go with almost any color combo. Not enough sparkle for you? Add some druzy earrings, and you’ll be bling-ed out.

What’s your favorite way to style your layered necklaces? Tell us in the comments below!