Nothing compares to a rockin’ statement necklace. We should know — we’ve bought a lot (and made a lot). From day to play, they can make that basic white tee of yours look not-so-basic and can bring on a lot of “OMG” comments from complete strangers. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner (ahem, work parties) these gems are a real lifesaver. Our motto is go big or go home. These 24 pieces prove that they don’t call it a statement necklace for nothin’.

1. Wood Statement U-Necklace ($45): Go au naturale with a bit of a mod spin. This is perfect for that post-yoga brunch with your BFFs. Mimosas, anyone?

2. Pueblo Squares Necklace ($60): There’s a story behind everything — including necklaces. This edgy piece was inspired by studying shadows moving over pueblos. Mind. Blown.

3. Lacquered Faux Gemstone Necklace ($17): Peek-a-blue. This it the epitome of a statement necklace that’ll go with anything… and the price is right up our alley.

4. Crescent Color Block Necklace ($285): It’s color block o’clock all the time in our world. A simplistic necklace with 22K gold detailing. What’s not to love?

5. DIGDOGDIG Cohle Necklace ($80): Learn the ropes of statement necklaces with this black and white wonder.

6. David Aubrey Fuchsia Fountain Necklace ($95): A pop of fuchsia makes our day bright (not to mention our outfit). Featuring hand-painted wood and faceted beads, this piece is a real show-stopper.

7. Galaxy Plate Collar ($128): See the silver lining with this multi-tiered metal necklace created by a husband and wife team. The couple that creates together stays together.

8. Lady Bug Necklace ($48): Glass stones, gold detailing and pretty pink accents make this the perfect work necklace. Look closely and you may see the inspiration behind the necklace. Need a hint? Just look at the name.

9. Caught In a Web Scarf Necklace ($88): Long and luxe. Just the way we like ’em. This mesh bib has delicate beaded detailing for that extra somethin’ somethin’.

10. Rainbow Orwell Bib ($58): Looking for a bit of edge? This necklace should do the trick.

11. Skye Necklace ($74): Not your average fringe necklace. These beads upon beads mean business.

12. Kenneth Cole Silver-Tone Cluster Frontal Necklace ($105): A necklace that deserves a night on the town (and then some).

13. Happily Ever Abalone Necklace ($17): Others will be green (and blue) with envy. Rock this shell necklace all day. Every day.

14. Metal Medallion Necklace ($115): Call off the search for that universal statement necklace and put the pedal to the metal with this geometric metal creation.

15. Tassel Ombre Leather Necklace ($68): Ombre never goes out of style. Especially when it’s hot pink ombre. Seven hand-cut tassels delicately hang from a curved brass bar to sway any which way life takes you.

16. Lanvin “Love” Short Pendant Necklace: ($995): A bit of a splurge, we know. But we love to love this scream-it-from-the-rooftops statement necklace. Looking for a DIY version? We got you covered.

17. Knitted Necklace ($45): This necklace makes us think of cozy winter nights in front of the fireplace. Sold.

18. Crystal Icarus Bib ($58): So many holiday parties, so little time. Throw this on with your favorite LBD for an instant dose of glam.

19. Suede Fringe Collar ($48): Studded and bedazzled with metal bead accents, this fringe collar will ramp up just about any outfit. Wear it anywhere and everywhere.

20. T-Shirt Yarn Necklace ($50): Pairing statement necklaces with a favorite tee is kind of our thing… and this necklace is made of said favorite tee. It also has removable colorful beads so you can mix it up whenever you please.

21. Mint Geometric Necklace ($50): Geometry has never looked better thanks to this handmade cloth number that features some of our favorite colors.

22. Tallulah Bib Necklace ($138): Hand embroidered with silver-plated chains and spiked fringe, this necklace has a feminine/masculine feel we are totally diggin’.

23. Reversible Abstract Statement Half Circle: ($40): Each one-of-a-kind necklace is handmade with resin and pigments to create unique patterns on both sides. It’s two necklaces in one. Jackpot.

24. Art Deco Gems Statement Necklace ($378): Holiday party, here you come. This 12-karat gold plated eye candy features black and green glass stones. It’s your key to the emerald city.

Did any of these necklaces scream your name? Tell us in the comments below.