A couple weeks ago I ran into a shoe store in the Mission that had cinder block stools all around the space. The tops of the cinder blocks were covered in speckled rug padding, and my mind immediately went to DIY project (obvs)! The ones in the shop were very cool, but to add Brit + Co flair we needed to include color, pattern and overall pizazz. These stools are incredibly easy to make. With only four steps you can create custom stools for your outdoor patio, mud room or shoe store (hehe). Check out how we made them below!


Materials + Tools:

– cinder blocks

– spray paint

– rope

– foam sheet

– fabric

– glue gun



1. Spray paint your cinder blocks in any color or pattern.

2. Cut a piece of foam that measures 33 x 8 inches and a piece of fabric that measures about 40 x 20 inches.

3. Wrap the fabric around the foam as if you were wrapping a present. Use the hot glue gun to secure the fabric in place.

4. Fold the foam in half and tie it onto the cinder blocks using rope.


Grab your favorite color spray paint and start spraying. For color blocked cinder blocks, section off the cinder block with painter’s tape, and then spray each section a different color.


Cut a piece of foam that measures 33 x 8 inches, and then cut a piece of fabric that measures about 40 x 20 inches long. Now wrap your fabric around the foam sheet as if you were wrapping a present. Use the hot glue to hold the fabric in place.


Just like a present, we cut a little extra to make sure that the fabric had some room to overlap.


Apply a line of hot glue at the edge of the foam, and press the top and bottom sections of fabric together. Fold in the corners, and secure the flap with hot glue.


Fold the foam cushion in half, and place it on top of the cinder blocks. Let’s be real — it’s concrete, so you are going to want a double layer of cushion under your booty.


Notice those grooves in the picture above? Those are going to help hold the rope in place. Wrap the rope around twice, and tie a knot underneath the stool.


These stools were so easy to make and extremely cheap! We bought four cinder blocks for $9.


We think these stools are great for an outdoor garden or as a place to pop a squat in your mud room. Make one for each of your kiddos, and let them get involved by choosing their favorite colors and patterns.


We were so excited to have Terri in town to sneak a guest appearance in our little cafe shoot. She brought us up to date on all of Seattle’s latest gossip :)


What other DIYs have you done with cinder blocks? Share your projects with us in the comments below!