As you head outside to dust off the grill and pull out the plants, you owe it to your summer self to make some outdoor upgrades. We’ve already shared these 25 stellar products to help you deck out your deck, but if you prefer to upgrade your patio, look no further. We’ve rounded up a dozen DIY projects that will have you soaking up the sun (or shade, if you prefer) in style. From quick and dirty hacks to all-out weekend projects, knock out a few of these do-it-yourself jobs and start spending more time on your little piece of patio paradise.

1. Built-In Cooler Table: There are countless DIY patio table ideas online but few are as functional as this one. The smart design gives you a cooler right in the center of the table so your ice cold brew is always within arms reach. (via Ana White)

2. Stenciled Patio Rug: Nothing turns patio dwellers off faster than a drab concrete slab. Dress it up with a stenciled + painted old rug (Upcycle FTW!). (via Domestically Speaking)

3. Backyard Bar: Who wouldn’t want a margarita served from this one-of-a-kind folding bar? Folded flat against the wall when not in use, the magical door pulls down to reveal storage and an instant work space for grilling, drink mixing or any other weekend activities. (via Turtles and Tails)

4. Planter Bench: If your patio is cramped, you’ll benefit from dual-purpose upgrades like this smart bench. It provides picture-perfect seating while planters on the side add visual interest to your outdoor space. (via My Daily Randomness)

5. Outdoor Movie Screen: Your patio experience will never be the same. Create this outdoor screen in your yard, and you’ll never want to go back inside again! (via Running With Scissors)

6. Patio Block Seating: You’ve never seen cinderblocks like this before! This simple combination of blocks and just four pieces of lumber creates a unique seating option that’s sure to turn heads. (via Lena Sekine)

7. Patio Can Lights: This project is so simple your kids could make it. Select any design you like and punch holes to allow twinkling candlelight to shine through. Paint them in bright shades, and you’ll have small pops of color all over your patio. (via Narcissus Floral Studio)

8. Ladder Planter: Upgrade a ladder into a cheery tiered planter with just a few simple tools and some fresh paint. This planter is the ideal space saver for gardeners with small patios or the perfect cover up for unsightly outdoor fixtures. (via Good Housekeeping)

9. Cedar Picnic Table: Would you believe us if we said this table is built in just two steps? It’s true! The end product is a chic picnic piece that highlights the natural cedar grain. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

10. Concrete Planter: This simple patio upgrade packs a big punch. Use a cheap bag of concrete to create a one-of-a-kind industrial planter on wheels that can double as a mobile cooler! (via Homemade Modern)

11. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch: What better way to commemorate a memorable night than by turning a special wine bottle into dreamy patio lighting? A few pieces of hardware put your bottle on display and the flame provides function and ambiance. (via Design Sponge)

12. B + W Planters: We’re suckers for black and white stripes and chalkboard paint so it’s no surprise we’re big fans of these planters. The paint job gives a cohesive look to mismatched planters for an expensive-looking upgrade that is anything but. (via Our Wonderfilled Life)

What outdoor projects are you planning for your patio this summer? We’d love to hear about them below!