Arranging favorite objects and pretty pieces of decor can be a sort of meditation, not to mention a little bit addicting. These vignettes (AKA #shelfies) are like a modern-day version of a still life, and there is a certain art to styling that collection of new, found and made objects. Whether you want to flaunt your latest reading list or show off your collection of colorful mugs, you can be guaranteed we’ll give a good #shelfie a double tap. Scroll on down to check out these insta pics for some major inspiration.

1. @bobettecarpenter: Ideal for a rental or those on a budget, a perfectly arranged shelf like this one can make any space feel instantly more homey.

2. @clustercluster: You can’t help but smile at all the happiness (and color) going on in this display. With flamingos, party hats and patterned boxes in every color, this space would brighten up any room.

3. @cuckoo4design: A white and gold color scheme with just a few pink accents make this a glamorous display indeed.

4. @clustercluster: Doesn’t this look like the most relaxing workspace ever? Minimal but brimming with positive vibes, it’s the perfect space to take care of business.

5. @willieandmillie: Having a special shelf dedicated solely to your collections is such a fun way to show off your favorite things.

6. @zilverblauw: Mix and match a little bit of everything — from artwork to household plants to creative calendars — for a showcase you won’t get bored with.

7. @elinkaracagil: Hanging shelves are such a fun way to add extra art to your walls without actually buying more furniture or mounting a bunch of shelves. If you want to try to make your own, check out our DIY for turning a wooden box into a colorful hanging shelf.

8. @aptapothecary: Sometimes all you need for a home decor update is a shelf reshuffle. Arrange old objects in a new way and you’ll be amazed at how different the whole space feels.

9. @swankbydesign: Barn wood shelves give a rustic look to this eclectic display of vintage and antique objects.

10. @ju_blogdecouvrirdesign: We love the use of one dominant color in this display, especially that bold shade of yellow. And of course, you can’t go wrong with typography art.

11. @luckylittlegiants: Have a floating shelf in the nursery to display all their favorite books and toys… at least for this week.

12. @ispydiy: We can’t stop staring at this perfect display. From the bud vase collection on the top shelf to those fabulous marquee letters, this #shelfie has it down. If you want to replicate the look, we’ve got a super easy DIY for marquee letters.

13. @inredningsdetaljer: Who would’ve thought turning all the books around backwards could look so chic?

14. @clustercluster: These roped shelves take the idea of “hanging shelf” to a whole new level. And that neon green rope is definitely a winner.

15. @willieandmillie: These baby toys are just the cutest, don’t you think?

16. @leoandbella: This graphic, arrow-shaped shelf knows what’s up.

17. @homegoods: Balancing art with household items that you need to keep handy, a kitchen shelf is great for showing off cute timers and other pretty kitchen utensils.

18. @elsasrum: Dark and monochromatic, this kitchen #shelfie is the perfect balance of art and functionality. If you’re looking for some elegant kitchen art, check out our DIY for making a pretty poster that also informs you on how to roast your vegetables perfectly.

19. @curatedcollection: Perched on the edge of a table, this collection of plants and candles carries a certain air of rustic sophistication.

20. @thegiantteacup: Graphic and modern, these shelves take inspiration from Nordic decor elements.

21. @cath_nauta: We always love learning about creative ways to organize our craft supplies, and this stacked washi tape in a glass dome is one of the coolest ways we’ve found so far.

22. @missaimeefleur: Incorporating a shelf into your gallery wall is a fun way to showcase funny and random collectibles.

23. @_thehatch_: Proof that an organized desk can still be very stylish, this workspace shows how to accessorize your basic storage with funky pieces to give your home office a little more character.

24. @mariadesignstudio: Adding fresh flowers every now and then is the perfect way to make sure your shelf displays don’t become too static and gather too much dust.

25. @paperinkprints: Simple and angular, there’s something about geometric shelves that we can’t get enough of.

What are your favorite things to put on display? Share your #shelfies with us in the comments below!