We’ve seen this bag everywhere on social media, and it is SO cute. It’s the perfect daytime-to-evening clutch. While the purse is basically our new fave, the price is not. So, in true Brit + Co fashion, we decided to make our own version (and a few others). This DIY Copycat is sure to make you and your wallet happy. With all that money you’ll be saving, it will be hard not to say “OUI” to that dress you’ve been eyeing!


Our inspiration: The Clare Vivier Clutch! This is our Head of Creative, Anj, and Designlovefest’s Bri with the real thing! Stay tuned to read all about their Creative Walkabout in L.A.


— white clutch

—”YES” “SI” OUI” prints

— plastic folders


— X-ACTO knife

— cutting mat

— scissors

— tape

— black paint pen



1. Cut a plastic folder in half. Tape one of the words onto the folder half.

2. Cut the word out (paper and folder) with an X-ACTO knife.

3. Remove the word from the folder and apply rolled up pieces of tape to the back side of your new stencil.

4. Tape the stencil onto a white purse and color in the word with a black paint pen.

5. Let it dry for at least an hour, and then remove the stencil.


Type one of the words in the font of your choice. The size of the font depends on the size of the purse, so make sure to take measurements first. Cut the folder in half and tape your word on top.


Using the word as a guide, cut through the paper and the folder. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly cut because you can always paint back over the jagged lines later.


Roll up pieces of tape and apply them to the stencil. This will help the stencil to stay in place and keep the paint pen from bleeding onto other parts of the purse.


Begin coloring the purse with the paint pen. We went ahead and made two more purses since this DIY is so easy!


Wait for the purses to dry so that none of the paint smudges.


Time for the big reveal! Take off the stencils and check for any smudges or pen bleeds. If there are some, no problem — you can just take the paint pen and fix up your lines.


It looks just like the real thing!


Your wallet will thank you for making these.


The best part about this bag is that you can can write “YES” in any language! Or if you’re feeling feisty, flip the bag over and paint “Maybe” or “No” on the back ;)


Say “OUI,” “SÍ” and “YES” to making this bag! We promise you won’t regret it.

Are you going to be a “yes person” and say “sí” to making this bag? Let us know in the comments below, and share your DIY using the hashtag #iamcreative.