Waking up is hard to do, but when you have an hour-long trek across the city ahead of you, the thought of removing yourself from the pillow nest you’ve made seems unspeakably cruel. If all the positive thinking, breathing exercises and inspo from Instagrams of people’s morning routines that make toast look elegant isn’t enough to get you going, we say challenge accepted. These items from the B+C Shop will simplify and style your morning commute so much, you might actually look forward to it!

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1. Minnie + George Three in One Drawstring Leather Bag ($265): Talk about a cinch! This leather bag comes in SIX (count ‘em!) colors and can be worn as a shoulder bag, a backpack or even a cross body! It features a built-in pocket, so you can keep the essentials within easy reach.


2. Avenue Dee Peach Pit Duffel Bag ($59): With this in hand, you’re so prepared for your after-work gym sesh.


3. Boom Movement Wrap Headphones ($18): You’re pumped about the latest episode of Serial when you get on the bus and realize your headphones are back at home. Forget that! These headphones snap onto your keychain, which is perfect for the scatterbrain in all of us.


4. Future Glory Moto Tote ($195): This is the perfect carry-all for your laptop, and with its moto-inspired look, it’s got just the edge you need to complete your “woman on a mission” vibe.


5. BSnug Wrap – 3D Printed ($25): If you’ve ever gotten your headphone cord snagged on a door handle (surely it’s not just us), you’ll appreciate this. Even if you haven’t, you’ll appreciate not having to untangle your headphones every time you pull them out of your bag.


6. BSpun Jack Wrap – 3D Printed ($25): Seriously, the struggle is real. You take your eye off your cords, chargers and cables for TWO MINUTES and you’ve created a knot they don’t even teach you in Scouts. Not so when you wrap your ‘phones around this innovative contraption.


7. Denik Y’all Gonna Notebook ($12): Next time you’re hit with a great idea on the subway, you’re gonna want to have this notebook around for note taking. At just over eight inches tall, it’s just the right size for your bag.


8. Photo Jojo Canon Camera Lens Mug ($24): It might feel weird sipping out of a DSLR lens at first, but we think you’ll quickly warm up to this clever idea. Since it’s so believable in appearance, just don’t get it confused with your actual lens and wash the wrong one. Eesh.


9. Half United Black + White Zipper Pouch ($34): You hit snooze one time too many and found yourself doing makeup on the way to work? No judgment. This pouch is great for in-transit makeovers (but only if you’re not driving!).


10. Ban.do Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): Don’t worry about running out of juice ever again! This compact charger has your back.


11. BSteady Car Mount ($39): If you’re scooting around town in your car, your GPS and music can be in plain sight with this car mount. The design fits just about any phone and any car.


12. Cordito Cord + Plug Rollup ($49): If these are Cord Tacos, this is the cord burrito. Keep your commute tidy and say buh-bye to the cord knot at the bottom of your bag!


13. P3 Round Mirror Sunglasses ($10): Smiles just come naturally wearing these shades.


14. Intro to Latch Hook Online Class + Kit ($41): Weaving is the trending new skill and makes a great lap-sized project for the train/subway/bus. Instead of letting that time go to waste, you could have a new woven wall hanging by the end of this week!

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