The holiday season is in full swing! This season is all about celebration — celebrating life, spending time with loved ones, and making memories.

We also know this time of year can be super busy with holiday parties, shopping, and gift wrapping, so we created the Holiday Hustle Challenge to make sure you’re taking care of YOU. The Holiday Hustle has daily workouts and lifestyle challenges. We’re also sharing delicious recipes (like cookies and cocktails!) so we can all have a happy and healthy season together. Join us in the Holiday Hustle HERE.

Today we’re sharing our best tips for enjoying the season while also staying balanced. Get ready to ring in the New Year feeling your best and most confident yet!

1. Get your sweat sesh in. Make your workout a priority. Get it in first thing and you’ll feel energized and glowing all day long. Plus, your metabolism will be boosted all day — while you’re at work and even through those holiday parties! The Holiday Hustle is all about doing Daily Toning Moves that keep your metabolism revved and sculpt your total body. You can get these done anytime, anywhere, which is perfect for the busy holiday season. Get your Toning Moves free on the TIU App HERE.

2. Have a mindful morning. Take time in the morning to prioritize yourself before the day gets hectic. Wake up a few minutes earlier to meditate or journal your intentions for the day while you sip your coffee. You’ll feel much more balanced, calm, and centered no matter what the day brings.

3. Enjoy a couple cocktails… and lots of water! Lots of holiday parties mean lots of cocktails. We’re the last trainers to ever tell you to skip that Champagne at the party! Aim to stick to two cocktails and make sure to sip lots of water between each drink so you wake up refreshed the next morning. Check out some of our favorite holiday cocktails HERE.

4. Remember it’s all about balance. We keep our meals Lean, Clean, ’N Green by following the guidelines of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. By eating whole, clean, nutrient-packed foods, we feel confident, glowing, and energized for all the celebrations of the season. Of course, we also love Santa cookies and a cheese plate at a party. It’s all about balance. So if you want that cookie, go for it!

5. Spread holiday cheer. This season is also an opportunity to give back and spread love to your family, friends, neighbors, and your community. Even a small gesture can make a huge difference in someone’s life, whether it’s a donation to a great cause, singing carols, a handwritten card to a friend, or even just a smile.

Are you ready to hustle? Join us for the Holiday Hustle HERE!

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