Given our love affair for both DIY and 3D printers, we were swept off our feet when we saw that we could create our own 3D paper dolls using a new service called Foldable Me. The process was extremely easy and I personally had a ton of fun designing a print-out of both me and my husband, Dave, using nothing but the power of the Internet and my own two hands.

To get started, go to the Foldable Me site and create a 2D version of yourself. You can customize the look of nearly everything, including your eyes, nose, lips, skin, clothing and more. Once you’re done, you pay a flat fee of $11.99 (free shipping) and wait for your cardboard self to be printed and shipped. The company delivers worldwide and uses high quality inks, matt laminate cardboard and precision cuts for each piece.

I was quite impressed by the quality I received. The pieces were incredibly easy to punch out of the cardboard yet sturdy enough to fold and stay together. There are only five pieces to put together: the head, body, 2 arms and legs. It only took me a couple of minutes to do.

I ended up making another version for my husband, Dave. I actually think his Foldable Me looks more like him than mine looks like me. (I’m pretty sure he owns a blue and white striped shirt and I swear he even makes this exact face!)

Here’s what they look like together. It’s crazy how much they actually resemble us — quite a testament to the illustrator!

So, why would you want to do this apart from utter vanity or boredom? Here are a few great applications:

– Unconventional name cards at a wedding or event

– Birthday gift

– Engagement gift (make each person in the couple)

– Ring box for popping the question

– Stocking stuffers (you could even hide a gift card inside!)

– Treat boxes for a party

Here’s an example of the treat boxes. The square head is actually quite sturdy and held these Skittles well! I bet there are all kinds of treats you could fit inside here. This could be so fun for a party!

What other things could you do with a 3D paper doll? Would you ever order one? Talk to us in the comments below!