So you rocked a super trendy wool topper like the fashionista you are, but maybe got a spot of wine on it, leaving your cold-weather cover-up compromised. Good news! Industry expert Mary Zeitler, from Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Science, threw us some killer tips for cleaning and maintaining our most fashionable cold-weather styles. Keep scrolling to learn the right way to care for your winter wear all season long.

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1. Wash down-filled parkas + vests with tennis balls. Wash your down-filled outerwear in the machine using cold water and a non-detergent product (be sure to choose the “extra rinse” option so that there’s no residue left on the feathers). Then, let it tumble-dry on low with the company of three clean tennis balls to help redistribute the feathers evenly. Since washing can break the fragile feathers, limit yourself to two cleanings each season.

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2. Spot clean leather gloves with mouthwash. If you notice the beginnings of mildew on your favorite leather gloves, look to the bathroom for a solution. Antiseptic mouthwash can serve as a spot treatment before you head to a leather specialist.

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3. Treat wool with seltzer, then the machine. Don’t let a spill on your fave wool sweater get you down. There’s hope; we promise. If the stain is small enough, grab some cold seltzer water for a miniature spot treatment and then blot it dry with a clean cloth. If this doesn’t work, check the item’s care instructions and toss it right into the wash, if it’s safe to do so. For garments that say “Hand Wash Only,” select your washing machine’s “hand wash” or “wool” cycle and use a cooler water temperature. For less delicate articles of clothing, go for a warm temperature with a gentle cycle. As always, reshape the sweater and lay it flat to dry, then get back to killing it in your cuddly wool garment!

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4. Use vinegar-water solution for shoe stains. The most unfortunate side effect of wintertime style has to be the salty white ring that the sidewalks inevitably leave on our boots. But there’s an easy fix: Wipe your shoes clean with a rag soaked in equal parts vinegar and water. Once the white wintry deposit is gone, you can use a clean towel to dry them off. Ta-da!

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5. Prevent pilling with delicate drying. Any time your sweaters, socks, fleece, or throws get damp from the winter weather, you’re gonna want to protect them from pilling. To do so, machine wash them on cool, and then tumble dry on low heat or lay them flat to air dry. Whatever you do, don’t wring them out!

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