Obviously we are all about neon everything here at Brit + Co, so when neon eyeliner made its mark in the beauty scene this season, we were beyond inspired to jump on board the trend. That’s especially because getting the look is way easy when you’ve got a palette of vibrant colors at hand. While you can build your own neon collection by picking up highly-pigmented pieces at a drugstore here or online there, we cut out the treasure hunt completely by using this amazing Electric Pallet by Urban Decay ($49) from Sephora. A bit of a splurge for such out-there shades, we know. But when you think about all the extra special looks you can create for yourself year round (not to MENTION amping it up for Halloween!), the purchase is totally worth it — scroll on to see what we mean.

We’re showing you how to create four party-ready looks using neon makeup. And to kick these pigments into an even higher gear, we teamed them up with Chromagraphic colored eyeliner pencils by MAC ($16 each). Together, they deliver a punch of color that creates next-level looks, from two electric twists on a traditional cat eye to boosting liner basics. And you can DIY them all in just three steps!

Aqua Under Cat Eye

1. Start with MAC’s Chromagraphic pencil in High-Def Cyan and apply just below your lash line. Extend the line slightly beyond the outer corner of your eyes to create a cat eye flick.

2. Using an angled eyeliner brush apply Urban Decay’s Gonzo shadow directly over the liner to set it and take the color to the next level.

3. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Now your eyes look bigger and brighter than ever!

Bright Yellow Waterline

1. Apply MAC’s Chromagraphic pencil in Primary Yellow to the lower waterline (inside of your lash line).

2. Using an angled eyeliner brush, apply Urban Decay’s Thrash shadow over it.

3. Apply mscara to top and bottom lashes.

On medium skin tones, this basic liner shake up is a total head-turner. On light or darker skin tones, the look is electric!

Chartreuse Geo Cat Eye

1. Apply a cat eye on your eyelids using MAC’s Chromagraphic pencil in Landscape Green.

2. Then then add a fine line under the center of your eye in your lower lash line.

3. Add Urban Decay’s Freak shadow on top of it using an angled eyeliner brush.

4. Apply mascara only to the top lashes.

In lighter shades like dusty blue or lavender — and even in this neon green — this modern look is absolutely radiant.

Bold Neon Red

1. Apply a thicker line to your eyelid directly on top of your lash line with MAC’s Chromagraphic pencil in Genuine Orange.

2. Using an angled eyeliner brush, apply Urban Decay’s Savage shadow directly on top.

3. Apply mascara onto your upper and lower lashes.

You’d never with black liner, but now you’re rushing to try it in this vibrant red hue — and we totally approve!

Which neon eyeliner look would you wear on a night out? What other ways do you incorporate neon makeup into your weekend + special occasion looks? Tell us in the comments below.