We were excited about the world’s (supposed) first animated GIF keyboard, PopKey. But while we were waiting for that one to join the party, another company beat them to the punch and launched their app. Sorry, PopKey, we know you’re here now, but we’re all about the world’s actual first GIF keyboard app by Riffsy at this point. And there’s just not room enough for both of you guys on our phone.

Riffsy is available now (for free!) in the App Store and it’s jam-packed with creative ways to say what you need to say with the Internet’s finest form of communication — the GIF. We hope emoji never go out of style, but sometimes those little toons can’t tell a story the way a GIF can. And a text? Puh-lease. As Riffsy says, sometimes you need to “express just how much you love pizza, or annoy your friends with that one lyric you can’t stop singing or tell your crush that cuddling should be in your future.” A simple emoji or text just might not be enough for those important messages.

The ability to customize our keyboard is one of our favorite features in iOS 8, and Riffsy’s GIF Keyboard app turns your QWERTY into a catalogue of reactions, music, memes and millions more GIFs that are now just as easy to send as a text. It works with iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, SnapChat and email. You can favorite your most used GIFs so they are easy to access later and even save GIFs while you’re browsing so that they’re available when you need them.

Comparing PopKey and Riffsy, a lot of PopKey users have been turned off by the app asking them for all sorts of secure info. Riffsy still has a few kinks to iron out (namely, making sure they save all of our downloaded and favorited GIFs), but we still feel like the above GIF about having this app in our phone. Needless to say, we’ve already sent at least three daily GIF messages to everyone we know.

What’s the best GIF to describe how excited we are about this app? Let us know in the comments!

(GIFs via Hannah Nance + Laurène Boglio)