Olivia Pope devotees, get ready to fill your closet with even more Scandal-inspired clothes. On February 13, The Limited is launching a second line inspired by the series that has us all glued to the tube every Thursday night. Kerry Washington, along with The Limited’s head of design Elliot Staples, and Scandal‘s costume designer Lyn Paolo, expanded upon last year’s line to incorporate more of Olivia’s classic looks, as well as the styles of the other powerful ladies on the show. Get ready for even more amazing coats with shawl collars, sleek and sexy dresses and neutral separates, suitable for any gladiator-in-training.


When speaking about the inspiration behind the line, Elliot Staples says, “Today’s woman needs to feel good, and when she feels good, she’s going to present herself more confidently. This confidence is the new power dressing.” We all know we can take on any situation, even White House-level scandals, when we feel comfortable in our clothes. How perfect would any of these pieces be for that dream job interview?


Sure, Olivia’s wardrobe steals the show whenever she graces the screen, but the other ladies rock looks that could suit a range of personalities. Quinn’s edgy take on business style, Mellie’s first lady classic pieces and Abby’s simple basics will all be included in the 2015 line. Now is your chance to channel Washington, DC’s power elite, whether your style leans toward refined rock and roll or chic simplicity.


With 78 separate pieces in the collection, you could create more than 3000 different looks when you incorporate the items already in your wardrobe. “Women often feel like they have to be either smart or beautiful, powerful or pretty, fashion-forward or successful,” Kerry Washington says on The Limited’s website. “This clothing line says you can be all of these things.”


So get ready to put on your power pants (or skirt), gladiators, because Olivia Pope just took care of your closet. Fashion crisis handled.

Are you already counting down the days until the new line launches? Let us know which power pieces you need in your life right now in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post, images via The Limited and Angela Weiss/Stinger/Getty)