Ice cream bars — they’re the new scotch bars at weddings. And lest you be left in the darkness, we’re here to enlighten you with the brrrr bar basics, then give you some eye-candy on overall looks you’re going to want to steal. Ready for it? Let’s raise the ice cream bar.

1. Cotton Candy Colored: Mason jars — there is nothing they can’t do. Pair them with another old standby — chalkboard paint — and you’ve got the perfect vessel for your cornucopia of toppings. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. DIY Ice Cream Holders: No matter if it’s a self-serve affair or if you have someone helping scoop up, an ice cream holder is essential. Holding that ice cream cone is tiring! (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Ice Cream Truck With Cups ($14): Put these little guys on your table and your party just got infinitely cuter.

4. Color Block Wooden Spoons ($10): Adorable wooden spoons with a little splash of color? Check.

5. Ice Cream Social: This blogger goes through ever single element that you need to throw an organized and epic ice cream social. Your shopping list should include waffle cones, assorted toppings, a scoop and bunting. (via Cooking Channel)

6. Vintage Ice Cream Parlor Engagement Party: There are so many things to love about this party, from customized monogram cone papers and ice-cream-cone-shaped cookies to vintage syrup pourers and pretty photos ops. (via Hostess with The Mostess)

7. Mint + Gold Shoot: Work of-the-moment colors into your par-tay, complete with gilded signage. Carry the hues through all the details, right down to a gold scoop, serving mint chip ice cream. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. Rustic Country Wedding: Ice cream can be a messy affair, and if you don’t want a potential clean-up disaster on your hands, it’s a good idea to either hire ice-cream bartenders or enlist your friends or family members to be in charge of the scooping. (via The Natural Wedding Company)

9. Ready to Roll: Don’t want to bother your friends with being in charge of slinging the sugar? The next best option is putting single servings in ready-to-go jars that your guests can just grab from a bucket of ice, pop open, add toppings and get licking. (via Style Me Pretty)

10. Vintage Outdoor Affair: If you’ve always been the go-big-or-go-home type, you’re going to want to custom make your ice cream both. It will probably end up doubling as a selfie backdrop. (via Wedding Chicks)

11. Make Your Own Sundaes Buffet: This might be the prettiest and girliest ice cream bar we’ve ever seen. Your partner might not be into going full fledged pretty in pink, but we can see this working for a bridal shower or a baby shower. (via Eat Drink Chic)

12. Lemonade Stand: Remember those lemonade stands you would piece together as a kid? Now’s the time to put those skills into good use and make your own little ice cream stand. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Crazy Cute Summer Perfection: Mason jars, you’ve met your match. This heart-shaped tin might be the best way to offer toppings. (via Style Me Pretty)

14. Sprinkle Cones: Chocolate dip and sprinkle those cones prior to your shindig and your friends will love you FOR.EV.ER. (via Simply Charming)

15. Kraft Paper Table Cover: Lastly, may we present, the cheapest and most fuss-free way to DIY a ice cream bar. (via Bakers Royale)

Fan of the ice cream bar? Let us know when you’ll be doing your own in the comments below!